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Devil's Lake Fall Colors in Wisconsin

Have a paradisal weekend in Devil's Lake State Park!

Best time: late September-early October

Devil's Lake Fall Colors
Devil's Lake Fall Colors
Devil's Lake Fall Colors
Fall around Devil's Lake, outside Baraboo

It may come as a surprise, but Wisconsin is a wonderful destination for enjoying fall colors. It has many amazing spots to watch the leaves turn golden, and Devil's Lake is one of them. Located in the picturesque Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin, the lake has all conditions for an unforgettable fall getaway.

The Devil's Lake area is glowing with color each fall. With lush and rusty trees, the place will give you a fairytale vibe. In the park, you can rejoice in dense forests, covered with the seasonal "golden fog," go hiking, throw a picnic, or just take a slow walk along the lake shore. The lake is a magnificent place to enjoy autumn with your family, and the reflections of red and orange trees in the water create a perfect spot for taking Pinterest-like photos.

When to go

The first golden leaves appear in early September, but the real foliage season doesn't begin until the third week of the month. The peak time of autumn colors in Devil's Lake State Park falls from late September into early October. During this time, you can see a diversity of amber hues on and around the lake. But remember that the park is extremely busy this time of year (due to many tourists coming to the area), so you may want to book your accommodation in advance–check out the map below for the best housing options.

Practical info

What time of year should I visit Devil's Lake State Park for the most amazing fall colors?

The peak time of autumn colors in Devil's Lake State Park is from late September to early October, when the vibrant foliage season is at its best. However, the first golden leaves start appearing in early September. Avoiding the crowds and getting to witness the season's earliest moments could make it worthwhile to plan a visit during those early weeks. It's important to note that the peak season is usually quite busy, so it is wise to book accommodations way ahead of time. Show more

When is the autumn foliage at its peak in Devil's Lake, Wisconsin?

Devil's Lake reaches peak autumn colors from late September to early October, when amber hues are on spectacular display all around the lake. The leaves become golden during the final week of September, but the exact timing of this phenomenon can vary due to weather changes affecting the peak period. Therefore, foliage could peak earlier or even later in some years than usual. It is best to have that in mind when planning a visit to the Lake. Show more

What are some of the outdoor activities visitors can do at Devil's Lake State Park besides admiring the fall colors?

Devil's Lake State Park caters to several diverse outdoor interests, including biking, hiking, swimming, and fishing. Hiking is one of the most popular activities, with 29 miles of various difficulty level trails that nature enthusiasts would find fascinating. For those interested in water activities, the park offers rental services for kayaks, paddling boards, and canoes for a delightful water experience. Alternatively, visitors could engage in winter sports like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and ice-fishing during winter months. Show more

What types of accommodation options are available near Devil's Lake State Park, and which are the best ones to consider?

Devil's Lake State Park has an array of accommodation options to choose from; going from the budget-friendly campsite grounds to luxurious hotels. In total, the park has nine group sites and three campgrounds with one of them having complete RV facilities. Visitors could opt for one of several nearby hotels or lodges too, such as Manitou Spring resort, Best Western Baraboo Inn, or Days Inn by Wyndham, all located within ten miles of the park. Securing accommodation early is advisable, especially during peak seasons to avoid disappointment. Show more

What is the most famous thing to see or do at Devil's Lake State Park?

Devil's Lake State Park showcases spectacular prehistoric bluffs, tough hiking trails, and amazing crystal-clear lakes, making it famous all around. One feature that attracts rock climbers from across the globe is the view of over 500ft of quartzite cliff walls. Another is the beautiful, sandy beaches, crystal-clear water, and excellent fishing spots in the lake. Finally, the Park is home to white-tailed deer, bald eagles, and black bears, making it a great place for wildlife watching and observation. Show more

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