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Delaware Water Gap Fall Foliage in Pennsylvania

One of the best fall color shows in the Poconos

Best time: late September–late October

Delaware Water Gap Fall Foliage
Delaware Water Gap Fall Foliage
Delaware Water Gap Fall Foliage
Delaware Water Gap
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Delaware Water Gap is tucked within the confines of the Pocono Mountains and straddles the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With 70,000 ac (28,300 ha) and over 150 mi (240 km) of hiking trails, the area offers countless breathtaking views to behold, especially during the fall foliage season. The fiery display starts around late September, but the best colors explode in mid-to-late October.

If you prefer to enjoy spectacular beauty from the comfort of your car, opt for Route 209 from Jim Thorpe across Stroudsburg, Bushkill, and Dingmans Ferry. Take your time for a picturesque stop by Betlzville State Park or any other eye-catching spot along the scenic drive.

Hiking is an excellent alternative for leaf peepers who'd love to take in fall vibes at a more leisurely pace. The most popular trails include Mt. Minsi, Mt. Tammany, and numerous waterfalls. But feel free to explore other paths along the Delaware River gorge, and you might discover a new favorite place for yourself.

When planning a getaway in Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area, remember that weekdays are less crowded than weekends. Also, check with the park website or Facebook for the accurate operating hours which might vary for different sites. Make sure that you bring all you need for a safe and enjoyable visit, as you won't be able to buy drinking water, food, or other supplies in the park. If you wish to stay overnight, examine the Delaware Water Gap Fall Foliage map for hotels nearby.

Practical info

What is the ideal time to witness the colorful fall season at Delaware Water Gap?

The fiery fall colors of Delaware Water Gap make for a breathtaking sight from late September to late October. The park typically sees the foliage starting from late September and peaking in mid-to-late October. It is best to follow the park's website and social media channels for the latest updates on foliage sightings and ensure you do not miss the spectacular view. Show more

Which places are the best for leaf peeping in Delaware Water Gap?

If you want to capture the beauty of the fall foliage in Delaware Water Gap, you may consider driving around Route 209, stopping by well-known spots like Beltzville State Park with picturesque views. Alternatively, you can take the hiking trails for a closer look, with popular ones being Mt. Minsi, Mt. Tammany, and some waterfalls located in Delaware River Gorge. Not to mention, many less crowded and less explored trails too have a scenic view. Show more

What are the most sought-after trails to witness the vibrant fall colors in Delaware Water Gap?

The summit trails of Mt. Minsi and Mt. Tammany, along with waterfalls located in the Delaware River Gorge, are the most desired trails for leaf peeping in Delaware Water Gap. Both Mt. Minsi and Mt. Tammany paths have a height of over 1,000 feet, providing panoramic views of the Delaware River. While a few waterfalls are easily accessible through Route 209, some require a hike. Refer to the park map to know more about them. Show more

What is the best time to evade large crowds while exploring Delaware Water Gap?

To avoid the crowds while exploring the Delaware Water Gap, weekdays are more preferable than weekends. Generally, the park's popular locations such as waterfalls and scenic overlooks experience an influx of crowds during weekends and holidays. Also, taking a visit during less peak hours such as early mornings or late afternoons can be an excellent strategy to avoid the masses. Planning to explore less crowded sections like off-beaten trails is yet another way to avoid rush hours. Show more

Are there any food and beverages available in Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area for visitors?

Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area provides no provisions for drinking water, food service areas, or grocery stores within its vicinity. With that, visitors are strongly advised to carry sufficient water and snacks or may pack their meals as per their stay duration. Nevertheless, hospitality services can be availed from nearby hotels and campgrounds. Refer to the park's website to know more about available lodging options. Show more

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