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Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival 2023

Experience the ultimate medieval fun at this Renaissance fest!

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The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is an annual occasion in West Newton, Pennsylvania. This festival honors the sixteenth century with period-appropriate costumes, jousting competitions, and thematic cuisine. Wandering through a reconstructed medieval village with shops, activities, and performances is a memorable experience per se, but there's more to the event than just strolling around.

For example, visitors can participate in knight jousting competitions or musical and dance acts. There are many various stages throughout the festival grounds, so just choose whichever one vibes off with you and go for it. You can also indulge in typical Renaissance foods, like turkey legs, meat pies, and of course-ale. In addition, there is a kids' zone with face painting, storytelling, and games. The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is a fun and interesting opportunity to learn about history and live in the past, even just for a few days. So, remember to book your accommodation in advance and enjoy yourself!

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