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New Jersey Renaissance Faire 2024

Feel the real medieval vibe at this Renaissance fair

Dates: May 18-June 9, 2024 (weekends only)

New Jersey Renaissance Faire
New Jersey Renaissance Faire
People, dressed in medieval costumes at New Jersey Renaissance Faire

The New Jersey Renaissance Faire is an annual thrilling festival, which takes place during two weekends in May and two in June in Southampton Township, New Jersey. The Faire, which takes guests back to the 16th century, is a celebration of Renaissance arts, culture, and history. Each weekend in the Shire of New Crossford, a fictional village in Northumberland, ruled by the Duke and Duchess. is filled with non-stop entertainment, adventures, and new surprises. The entire Village is one big stage, and the show begins when the Faire opens its gates!

Visitors can participate in an array of activities, such as thematic competitions, historical games, and musical performances from 10 am to 6 pm, rain or shine. The guests can easily blend in with the crowd of knights, woodsmen, merchants, pirates, noble lords and ladies, cobblers, and craftsmen. The festival also provides a selection of food and beverage options, including a typical Renaissance menu.

Program Highlights

New Jersey Renaissance Faire offers an adventure for every age and family member. The program includes daily live jousting matches and knightly tournaments of arms, magic shows, aerial silks and circus tricks, and fire dance performers. The Faire hosts six formal stages of entertainment. Every day, dozens of shows are held for kids and adults. Historical craft demonstrations include glassblowing, jewelry making, and blacksmithing. Also, Knight School and Squire Show is the place where kids can learn swordplay from knights.


Guests can buy Fixed Day Pass for specific faire day which costs $25 for adult; Flex Day Pass for one day with flexibility to come any day cost $30 for adult and $10 for child. There are also available Adult/Child Royal VIP Guild ($200/$60) and Season Passes (adult—$90 and child—$40).

Artisans and Merchants

The Faire’s artisan and merchant village features over 50 merchants and shopkeepers, showing off their wares, which include leather goods, boots, woodwork, spices, and armory. Activities in the village include the Archery Range, Dice Knight Adventures, Fight Circle, Hair braiding, Blacksmithing, Henna art, and more.

After Hours Shows

Every weekend at New Jersey Renaissance Faire features after-hours shows with a focus on comedy and unique acts. Performers include Jacques Ze Whipper, with his French humor and improvisation, the Tiny Girl Big Show and the Righteous Blackguards, performing comedy and drinking songs.

The New Jersey Renaissance Faire is a must-go for everyone interested in history or culture. So, don’t hesitate to book your tickets and housing in advance.

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