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Cherry Blossom in Wisconsin

Head to Wisconsin to witness cherry blossoms, covering all the state

Best time: mid-May

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom
University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum
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Cherry blossoms in Wisconsin cover the entire state and turn it into a beautiful white & pink paradise. However, there are two areas worth special attention. The first is the Driftless Area in southwestern Wisconsin, and the second is Bayfield on Lake Superior. Also, there is a special spot in Bayfield called Hauser's Superior View Farm, featuring a large hill with plenty of orchards.

University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum

More interestingly, you may check out the University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum. It features a wide selection of spring-blooming native wildflowers and trees, including cherry trees. Many visitors say it's a nice place to walk among wildlife peacefully.

Cherry Blossom Festival in Wisconsin

Door County, the easternmost county in Wisconsin, is claimed to feature the best views of cherry blossoms in the state. Thanks to the summer climate and good soil, it is a perfect place for cherries. In the general run of things, the trees bloom in mid-May, filling 2,500 ac (1012 ha) of orchards throughout the peninsula with a breathtaking spring display. Yet, keep in mind that the blooming season lasts only two weeks, so you need to act quickly to witness this beauty.

For example, you can head to Cherry Lane north of Forestville and south of Sturgeon Bay, which offers a full cherry bloom in mid-May. Another spot, located near the peninsula's northern tip, is called ​​Seaquist Orchards. It's also open during this beautiful period.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to observe cherry blossom season in Wisconsin?

In mid-May, travelers can witness cherry blossom bloom across Wisconsin. This spectacular display of white and pink hues lasts for about two weeks, presenting an opportunity to plan your vacation accordingly to avoid disappointment. Show more

Which areas of Wisconsin boast the most abundant cherry blossoms?

Both Driftless Area and Bayfield on Lake Superior are known to offer an unparalleled cherry blossom viewing experience. Visitors can visit places such as Hauser's Superior View Farm in Bayfield, Cherry Lane, and Seaquist Orchards in Door County to relish in the breathtaking scenic views. Show more

What are the lesser-known highlights of a visit to Wisconsin during cherry blossom season?

Apart from popular spots such as Door County and Driftless Area, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum offers a chance to see beautiful native wildflowers and trees, including cherry trees. A serene walk in the lush greenery amid wildlife is a pleasant experience for visitors looking for serenity. Show more

Are there specific events held during cherry blossom season in Wisconsin?

Regrettably, there isn't a designated cherry blossom festival in Wisconsin. Nonetheless, tourists can partake in other activities like visiting farms and orchards in Door County to have fresh cherries, jams, and pies. Moreover, hiking and biking trails and fishing opportunities in several state parks make for an enjoyable outdoor excursion. Show more

What else can visitors explore besides cherry blossom season in Wisconsin around mid-May?

Visitors can make the most of Wisconsin in mid-May by indulging in other activities apart from observing cherry blossoms. Breweries, wineries, and water parks are just a few possibilities. Wisconsin's many parks and wildlife sites proffer hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities and make for an excellent getaway for wildlife enthusiasts. Show more

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