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Rhododendron Flowers in Georgia

Beautiful red and white flowers cover the Caucasian region in the beginning of summer

Best time: June

Rhododendron Flowers

A fun fact about Georgian rhododendron is that it is not poisonous! It covers the mountainous​ Georgia during this period with spectacular colours. Go for a hiking weekend now to experience its beauty the most.

Practical info

What are the available colors of the Georgian rhododendron?

In June, the Georgian rhododendron flowers can be found in colors of red and white. Their vibrant shades attract tourists from everywhere, turning the mountainous regions of Georgia into an awe-inspiring sight. Rhododendrons have become a popular landscape attraction in the region, making it a sought-after destination among nature enthusiasts and hikers in particular. Show more

Is it safe to touch the Georgian rhododendron flowers?

The Georgian rhododendron flower is not considered poisonous and is completely safe to touch while admiring its beauty. It is a harmless wildflower that grows exclusively in the Caucasian region of East Europe. During the summer season, Georgian rhododendrons bloom into breathtaking natural displays that tourists flock to see every year. Show more

Where are the Georgian rhododendron flowers located?

The Georgian rhododendron flowers can only be found in Georgia's mountains and hilly regions during the early summer season. Visitors can enjoy hiking around the densely populated fields of rhododendrons, making it a popular adventure site for mountain hikers. The city also has several parks and botanical gardens that exhibit the area's native flora and fauna, particularly the Georgian rhododendron. Show more

What is the best month to visit Georgia to see the rhododendron flowers?

June is quite possibly the best time of the year to visit Georgia to see the flowering rhododendrons. During this month, the mountainous regions are bedecked with the vibrant colors of red and white flowers, turning the countryside of Georgia into a veritable natural wonderland. Visitors can explore the parks and gardens as well as the hills and valleys around the region while admiring the unique beauty of Georgian rhododendrons and other natural flora. Show more

What other attractions are available to explore in Georgia during the rhododendron flowering season?

Ranging from hiking trails and paragliding to wine tours, the country of Georgia offers visitors endless opportunities for outdoor activities during rhododendron season. Other fascinating options include a range of waterfalls and natural springs, castles and monasteries. Visitors are also encouraged to experience the local cuisine and enjoy wine tasting sessions, particularly those taking place in beautiful Tbilisi or the Bath City, which boasts its hot springs with therapeutic properties. Show more

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