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White Water Rafting in Georgia

Georgia is one of the most underscored white water rafting destinations. Explore it now.

Best time: late April–mid-October

White Water Rafting
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With its plentitude of rivers, you can find every class of difficulty in Georgia, from class I to class V plus.

Practical info

When is the best time to go white water rafting in Georgia?

The ideal time for white water rafting in Georgia falls between late April and mid-October, coinciding with the meltwater from the snowfields. However, it is best to check with the outfitters to know more about the ideal time since the seasons typically bring different conditions. Generally, the summer season guarantees calmer waters, while the rainy season boasts more challenging rapids for a thrilling experience. Show more

Where are the best white water rafting spots in Georgia?

Georgia boasts several white water rafting spots, including the Ocoee River, Nantahala River, Chattooga River, and Chestatee River. These rivers present different challenges, with Chattahoochee being the most challenging and Ocoee River where the 1996 Olympic Games were held. Chestatee River is known for its wineries and scenic beauty, while Nantahala River is suitable for novices due to its calm waters. Several factors, such as river difficulty, inaccessibility and location, can influence the ideal rafting spot. Show more

What is the minimum age requirement for white water rafting in Georgia?

Each outfitter has their own minimum age requirement for white water rafting in Georgia, depending on the river and difficulty levels. Most rivers are open to participants over seven years old, with the maximum age limit being 16 years old. Parents must investigate age restrictions for each river to learn the ideal fit for their kids. Outfitters provide age policies and route recommendations for participants to take, and visitors should be honest about their abilities and health conditions to prepare fully for the rafting experience. Show more

What safety measures should I take before going white water rafting in Georgia?

Before embarking on their Georgia white water rafting trip, participants should prioritize safety by using proper safety gear such as helmets, life jackets and river shoes. Listening to the guide's instructions and asking questions about safety is crucial to avoid accidents. Physical fitness and mental alertness in the event of an emergency are necessary. To avoid endangering themselves or others, participants are prohibited from consuming alcohol or drugs before or during the trip. A basic understanding of swimming and floating techniques in case of unplanned falls from the boat is essential. Show more

Are there any specific regulations for white water rafting in Georgia's protected areas?

Visitors to Georgia's protected areas must abide by the designated rules and regulations designed to ensure safety while white water rafting. Regulations prohibit activities that disturb aquatic life or alter the natural environment while on the rivers, including the use of chemically treated equipment. Licensed agencies conduct the rafting tours to ensure participants' safety as they observe the regulations. While on the rivers, alcoholic beverages, smoking and drug use are strictly prohibited. Failure to abide by the regulations may result in severe consequences such as hefty fines or even imprisonment for offenders. Show more

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