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Best time to visit Patagonia

White Water Rafting

Collect your team and set off to conquer river rapids on a raft in Patagonia


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Patagonia's lush, green Lake District with rapid, fantastic rivers is the best destination for white water rafters. It's possible to go along both mountain rivers and artificial rowing canals. Do not worry if you're newcomer. You'll be accompanied by experienced rafters. Besides, you will be fully equipped and ready.

The best time for rafting along Patagonia's rivers is from November to March when the Andes meltwater starts to flow to the seas and lakes. Explore Mendoza River, Corcovado River, and Hua-Hum River with its strong and excellent rapids after the snow melts. Manso River which flows through the Nahuel Huapi National Park is very quiet, but has fast movement and crazy swings in some places. One of the Andean giants is Juramento River which runs through the desert landscape of Salta and Santa Fe. One of the most famous rafting destinations is Verdant lakeside forest with its amazing Alumine River.

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