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White Water Rafting in Guatemala

This raging river flows along tropical forests full of iguanas and toucans watching the rafters from the banks

Best time: June–February

White Water Rafting
White Water Rafting

​White water rafting on Río Cahabón is memorable not only due to the gushing rapids but also for its wildlife encounters. While traversing the foaming river rafters may spot the occasional spot iguanas, toucans, and other species native to tropical Guatemala. The most thrilling trip is guaranteed during the rainy season between June and February. The river itself is quite dangerous, ​and only those who can swim are allowed to the raft.

Practical info

What wildlife is typically spotted on Río Cahabón when rafting?

The tropical forests of Río Cahabón in Guatemala are home to various wildlife that rafters can expect to see, including toucans, iguanas, and other native species. The experience of animal watching will provide thrill on this river safari trip through the wilderness. The scenery and experience make the trip worthy of the attention of every traveler. Show more

Is rafting on Río Cahabón safe?

Rafting on Río Cahabón in Guatemala is generally safe when accompanied by an experienced guide and for competent swimmers. In challenging rapids or open areas, inexperienced, or non-swimmers may find it challenging. Adhering to your guide's instructions and wearing the proper safety gear is always the right approach. Show more

What is the ideal season to go rafting on Río Cahabón?

The rainy season from June to February is considered the best time to go white water rafting on Río Cahabón in Guatemala. This time offers faster and more challenging rapids for advanced rafting enthusiasts. However, experienced guides can guide you throughout the year with the perfect journey depending on your capacity, preference, and interest. The local guides are a great help. Show more

How long does it take to complete a typical white water rafting excursion on Río Cahabón?

The duration of a white water rafting excursion on Río Cahabón in Guatemala relies on the distance covered and the rafting speed. A few hours to a full day is the typical duration to cover the terrain full of thrilling rapids. With excellent guidance from an experienced guide, rafting enthusiasts of all levels can enjoy an incredible adventure safely. Show more

Where should visitors go to find the best guides for Río Cahabón white water rafting in Guatemala?

Adrenalina Tours, Turansa, and Riverside Adventures are some of the recognized guides and agencies to consult when planning your white water rafting trip on Río Cahabón in Guatemala. These guides provide knowledgeable and certified trainers, advanced equipment, and necessary safety gear. Some hotels or local tourism offices are also available for guidance with recommendations about available packages. Show more

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