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Rafting in Finland

Finland's overflooded rivers in spring provide extreme speed and offer lots of rafting challenges


When the long and snowy winters are over and all of that snow and ice begins to melt, the local rivers get a bit of a boost in speed and excitement. Usually, this period runs from April to May. It's not the best time for canoeing or kayaking, but wooden boats and rubber rafts are great!

Some more experienced riders will definitely enjoy it as the fast-flowing rivers rush with extreme speed. This thrilling experience is not for the faint hearted and requires professional assistance.

Some of the most famous spots are the rapids at Ruunaa in northern Karelia, the Kuusamo area, and Lapland. Here you will find some of the best rafting opportunities. It also attracts swimmers, canoeists, and anglers.

The Tornio and Muonio river systems, which run for hundreds of kilometers, are excellent for advanced riders. The river Kitkajoki is a little lighter, and even suitable for families with kids.

Practical info

What is the ideal season for river rafting in Finland?

April and May are the best months for river rafting in Finland. This is when snow and ice from the previous winter melt and flood the rivers, resulting in faster rapids that offer a challenging and thrilling experience. Rubber rafts and wooden boats are the preferred types of boats for this activity, as kayaks and canoes are not recommended due to safety concerns. Show more

What are some recommended places for river rafting in Finland?

River rafting is a popular activity in several locations across Finland, including Lapland, Ruunaa, and Kuusamo. While the Tornio and Muonio rivers are suitable for advanced riders, the Kitkajoki river is perfect for families with children. These areas offer picturesque surroundings and various water activities, such as canoeing and swimming. Show more

What types of boats are suitable for river rafting in Finland?

Rubber rafts and wooden boats are the appropriate types of boats for river rafting in Finland. These boats are sturdy and can endure the strong currents and rapid waters. It's not recommended to use kayaks or canoes as the waters can be dangerous during the spring season. Visitors should seek guidance and professional assistance to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Show more

How safe is river rafting in Finland for families with young children?

While river rafting in Finland can offer exciting experiences, it's not suitable for families with infants or very young children due to strong currents. However, the Kitkajoki river provides a fun and adventurous experience for families with kids, as the rapids are not too intense. To ensure safety, visitors should follow safety guidelines and seek professional guidance. Show more

What other leisure activities can tourists participate in besides water sports in areas recommended for river rafting?

In addition to water activities, tourists can engage in several outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife watching, in areas recommended for river rafting in Finland. These areas offer serene natural landscapes that provide a peaceful and calm atmosphere for visitors. Tourists can also participate in cultural activities, visit local museums, or explore Finnish villages and try its unique cuisine while discovering the country's traditional and cultural norms. Show more

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