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Black Water Rafting

You will raft the cave rivers, climb up the rocks of Ruakuri Cave, go black water tubing and view blue glow worms


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It is amusing to be a member of the water tube chain pulled by a guide through narrow underground rivers. The subterranean adventure begins with brief instruction before descending into the Ruakuri Cave. You will try to make up a tube chain on the ground before the actual black water tubing in the cave. The rafters sit into their rings and hold the feet of the succeeding ones. The route is compounded of serene passages and a few cascades forming waterfalls. Some tunnels are pipe-like and are passable only in a lying pose. Non-navigable parts of the route require the travellers to climb up the rocks. Black water rafting through Waitomo Cave offers an unforgettable experience of silent floating amidst limestone formations under the amazing glow worms display resembling some miraculous blue galaxy. The journey is available throughout the year, yet it is preferable to avoid winter season, as it gets quite cold inside the caves. The best time is between November and April.

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