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River Rafting in Grand Canyon

It's impossible not to enjoy rafting in one of the best places in the world

Best time: April–October

River Rafting
River Rafting
River Rafting

The Grand Canyon is glorified as one of the world's most beautiful places and has to be discovered from every possible angle. One of the best options is rafting down the Colorado River. Rafters are driven to the canyon to see the legendary Lava Falls and Crystal Rapids. Moreover, the scenic water route overlooks enormous sandstone cliffs with numerous waterfalls and pools hidden along the way. Apart from gorgeous landscapes, you are sure to encounter local wildlife. The area is rich with birds, such as elusive Blue Herons, hawks and eagles. Big Horn sheep also appear to be a frequent sighting.

Various options include both commercial and private river trips. Your rafting experience may be designed for a one-day or a multi-day adventure depending on your preferences. Be aware of the fact that rafting tours are booked long in advance, often a year or even more.

The rafting season in Grand Canyon runs from April to October. Take into account, the months of April and October might be rather cold. May to September is the most visited period, even though June tends to be extremely hot, and July and August are the monsoon season.

Practical info

When is the best time to go rafting in Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon rafting season runs from April to October, with differing weather conditions by month. The busiest time is May to September, but June tends to be extremely hot, and July and August mark the onset of the monsoon season. Temperatures can be cold in April and October. Show more

Where can you see the Lava Falls and Crystal Rapids?

Lava Falls and Crystal Rapids are fabled destinations on the Colorado River within the Grand Canyon, visible from the river route. The area has huge sandstone cliffs, and along the river are mythical pools and waterfalls hidden away. Show more

What kind of birds and wildlife can you expect to see while rafting in Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon features varied wildlife, including Blue Herons, hawks, and eagles, along with wild sheep frequenting the area. Visitors may also come across coyotes, raccoons, ringtails, and mountain lions in the region, making for an exciting trip. Show more

How long in advance do you need to book a rafting tour in Grand Canyon?

It is recommended to book Grand Canyon rafting tours long in advance, at least a year before the desired trip. However, specific booking details depend on whether travelers are choosing a commercial or private river trip. To avoid disappointment, it is advisable to book early to secure a spot. Show more

What should you consider when deciding on a one-day or a multi-day Grand Canyon rafting adventure?

When deciding on a one or multi-day Grand Canyon river adventure, preferences, budget, and fitness level are important factors. Multi-day trips offer a more immersive experience while covering more ground, but shorter trips are more budget-friendly. Also, other factors like weather conditions during the Rio season, trip length, and overall safety measures must be considered before booking your trip. Show more

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