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Fall Foliage in Grand Canyon

These Grand Canyon locations will surprise you even during fall

Fall Foliage
Fall Foliage
Fall Foliage
Fall Foliage
Fall Foliage
Fall Foliage
Outside of North Rim of Grand Canyon

Even though the Grand Canyon is mainly visited during the summer months, it also has some things to offer during the cold season. There are several amazing spots in the area to visit for a memorable fall-foliage adventure. But first, let's see when the best time to do it is.

When to go

The golden season in the Grand Canyon is quite short, lasting only two to four weeks. It normally begins in late September, just when leaves start turning brown, and ends in early October, shortly before the rainy season.

What to visit

The Grand Canyon is mostly known as a greenery area, and if you don't know where to go, it can be hard to find orange and yellow zones. However, this fact doesn't mean you can't find gorgeous fall-foliage spots there. So where should you go?

North Rim

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a rather secluded part of the area. This way, it is perfect if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities and enjoy a calm, relaxing weekend. You can go on a long leisurely road trip along the route, enjoying tons of marvelous aspen groves, oaks, and other stunning trees. And the red rocks surrounding the forests will only add to the fairytale vibe of your adventure.

Kaibab National Forest

Kaibab National Forest is located in the North Kaibab District, bordering the above-mentioned North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is a breathtaking territory with lots of bright-yellow, dark-red, and golden-orange trees of all sorts. After a long trip along the North Rim route, feel free to visit Kaibab National Forest as your final destination. You may even want to spend the night there before heading home the next day (just remember to book your accommodation in advance).

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Grand Canyon for fall foliage?

The best time to observe fall foliage at the Grand Canyon is in late September to early October, a short-lived period of two to four weeks. During this season, visitors will experience picturesque views of yellow, orange, and red trees across famous spots in the canyon such as North Rim and Kaibab National Forest. Show more

Where are the best spots to see autumn leaves in Grand Canyon besides the North Rim?

One of the best places to witness fall foliage in the Grand Canyon besides the North Rim is the beautiful Kaibab National Forest. The North Kaibab District is vast and provides a brilliant mix of sandy red rocks with trees like oak, aspen, and more in shades of yellow, red, and orange. Visitors can take a road trip along North Rim's highway to catch a glimpse of this beautiful paradise. Show more

What is the usual length of the fall season in the Grand Canyon?

Fall foliage in the Grand Canyon is only observable for a short period of two to four weeks from late September to early October. At this time, the leaves of the trees change color to create a picturesque view of the Grand Canyon. To avoid missing the golden aura of this season and benefit from it completely, visitors must plan accordingly. Show more

Which exact areas in the Kaibab National Forest are most popular for fall foliage spotting?

Kaibab National Forest provides visitors with a stunning green area packed with many varieties of trees such as oak, aspen and many more, displaying bright yellow, dark red and golden orange hues. The perfect route to spot autumn foliage in the Kaibab National Forest and the North Rim's entrance gate is the incredible scenic drive on Highway 67. Additionally, tourists can check out the Rainbow Rim Trail around the forest borders for stunning views. Show more

Are there any events or festivals in Grand Canyon that coincide with the fall foliage season?

While there are no specific events or festivals marking the fall season at the Grand Canyon National Park, many yearly happenings offer entertainment to tourists. Grand Canyon Star Party is held every June, and stargazers will never miss it. The Grand Canyon Ultra Marathon in early May is perfect for professional runners and hiking enthusiasts. Visitors can also use the shuttle-bus system to explore and enjoy the various activities the canyon has to offer. Show more

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