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Best time to visit Grand Canyon


In need of adventure? Explore Grand Canyon from the river's angle—by kayak

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If you crave the utmost experience of the legendary Grand Canyon, you can either get to its top and have a look from above, or the opposite—descend to the lowest point and observe its grandness from the very bottom. The Colorado River is an excellent way to do it. This water route winds across some of its most scenic and thriving areas. Besides viewing the surrounding beauty, the mighty Colorado River will pump you up with thrills and positive emotions.

Local tour operators provide various options for the individual, as well as, group kayaking. You may go on a regularly scheduled multi-day kayak adventure or reserve a two-week classic adventure. For the members of kayak schools, clubs or kayak adventure travel groups, there's an option of a group trip or a charter expedition. But, you have to make reservations long beforehand—e.g., for a charter expedition, it's two years in advance. Needless to say, you have to be an experienced kayaker with a sense of adventure.

If you want a one-day-adventure which combines some kayaking with hiking, there're a few places to find kayaks for rent not far from Grand Canyon. These are Glen Canyon below the Glen Canyon Dam and Black Canyon below the Hoover Dam.

The season for water sports in Grand Canyon generally runs from April through October, as winter months could be too cold and snowy at times. However, remember that the months of July and August are excessively hot. The summertime Colorado River sees the highest flows, as the river is fed by the flash floods from hundreds of side canyons. Wintertime is for the adventurous ones not afraid of snow and rain.

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