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Kayaking in Montenegro

Dreaming about an adventure? Try kayaking along the Adriatic coast or on the land waters is an experience not to forget.

Best time: June–August


Montenegrin seacoast is a perfect place for those who love kayaking. From June to August you can try special tours, small group tours or kayak teambuilding games at the sea – depends on your desires. During the trip, you can get to the beautiful beaches and villages, which are accessible only from the sea (such as Dobrec beach or Rose village), enjoy a magnificent Adriatic sunset, get to the blue caves or visit beautiful Mont​ene​grin islands. You can also try kayaking throughout Skadar lake and along a mountain river too.

Practical info

What are some of the unique experiences offered during a Montenegrin kayaking tour?

Montenegro provides kayaking enthusiasts with several unique options, including sea kayaking tours, ventures through the Skadar Lake, and kayaking expeditions across a mountain river. These tours take adventurers to awe-inspiring destinations that could only be reached from the sea; some notable locations consist of exquisite beach panoramas, authentic villages, and the Montenegrin islands. The tours present an opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking sunset and discover Montenegro's ecological beauty from a distinct outlook. Tourists could personalize their tour to cater to their interests and preferences. Show more

When is the best time to go kayaking on Montenegro's Adriatic coast?

The most suitable period to go kayaking on Montenegro's Adriatic coast is between June and August when the weather is clement and ideal for kayaking. The mild breeze and calm sea during these months make kayaking more enjoyable and comfortable. Nevertheless, the weather can be unpredictable, so visitors should keep tabs on the forecast and check with their tour providers before departure. Show more

Where are the most beautiful beaches and villages accessible only by sea?

Accessed only by the sea, some of the most stunning places along Montenegro's Adriatic coast include Dobrec beach and Rose village, which tourists cannot afford to miss. Dobrec beach, an exotic location, has crystalline water, golden sand, and cliffs that are captivating to behold. Rose village, an appealing fishing village, enthralls tourists with its ancient church, traditional houses, and a small beach of pebbles. Other picturesque locations comprise the beguiling blue caves and Montenegrin islands, allowing visitors to experience something novel and memorable. Show more

How physically demanding are the kayaking tours in Montenegro?

The difficulty level of kayaking tours varies, depending on the route taken and visitors' preference. Those who embark on a beginners' tour can expect it to be less physically demanding, whereas others are more challenging and require a higher degree of fitness. Visitors must peruse the tour descriptions and converse with their guide about their physical prowess. Tourists should wear the appropriate clothing and take waterproof bags to store their items during the tour. Show more

Are there any restrictions on kayaking in Montenegro, such as permits or age limits?

No age restrictions apply to kayaking in Montenegro. However, safety measures such as wearing helmets and life jackets are mandatory for visitors. Also, visitors must heed tour providers' regulations regarding their tours. Given that some areas are protected, there may be some restrictions, and visitors should check with the tour providers regarding any necessary permits. Tourists should consider their physical limitations and discuss them with their guide before the tour commences. Show more

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