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The Train from Bar to Belgrade

Buy a ticket for the most picturesque railway route of the Balkans and you won't forget this trip!


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The train from Bar to Belgrade connects the Montenegrin coast to the Serbian capital. Although the distance between the cities is pretty long (550 km) and the whole trip will take you about 17 hours, it is worth it to buy a ticket and go on a journey across the Balkans, especially if you want to visit several countries. The railway track contains 254 tunnels (the longest one over 6 km long) and 435 bridges.

The most amazing bridge, which will definitely impress you, is built above the Mala Rijeka river at an altitude of 202 meters. It is the highest railway bridge in Europe and at the same time the highest railway viaduct in the world. During the entire trip from Bar to Belgrade, you can enjoy incredible Balkan landscapes such as Skadar Lake, Morača valley, Kolasin, Kumanica monastery, Lim river, and others. Travelers are​ recommended to plan their trip in summer because days are longer so you will have more time to enjoy breathtaking mountain views and take excellent photos.

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