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Tren a las Nubes in Argentina

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Best time: year round (best March–mid-December)

Tren a las Nubes
Tren a las Nubes
Tren a las Nubes

The train to the clouds (Tren a las Nubes) is not fiction. This unique railway is located in the province of Salta. First, travelers are taken by the bus from Salta (capital of the Salta Province) to the train station. The train departs from San Antonio de los Cobres and arrives in the famous La Polvorilla viaduct.

Tren a las Nubes is the third highest railway in the world where you can enjoy the Andean landscapes and culture, at the same time benefiting the local and tourist development of the regions of the Quebrada and Puna.

The whole trip takes about 16 hours. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the spectacular mountain ranges and sky. Tren a las Nubes is a popular attraction among tourists. You should book tickets in advance due to the high demand. The tours are offered year round, but there could be seasonal closures in the summer months (December–February) due to the heavy rains.

Practical info

What is the ideal time to visit Tren a las Nubes, and what makes this time recommended?

The recommended time to visit Tren a las Nubes is between the months of March and mid-December. During this time, the weather is generally dry, skies are clear, and rainfall is minimal. These conditions allow visitors to enjoy the Andean landscapes to the fullest, without the risk of the summer rains causing any closures. Show more

Where does the Tren a las Nubes train journey begin and conclude?

The train journey of Tren a las Nubes starts in San Antonio de los Cobres and concludes at the La Polvorilla viaduct. However, travelers should note that the train does not depart from Salta, the capital of Salta Province, located about 19 kilometers from Campo Quijano. To catch the train from San Antonio de los Cobres, passengers can take a bus provided by the company, which departs from Salta. Show more

What kind of landscapes are visible during the Tren a las Nubes train journey?

On the Tren a las Nubes train journey, visitors can witness breathtaking Andean landscapes that Salta province showcases. The journey comprises panoramic views of extraordinary mountains and valleys adorned by multi-colored rocks and cacti. The train passes through deep gorges and canyons, salt flats, and lagoons. Along with the natural adventures, travelers can also appreciate the local cultural richness of the indigenous communities residing in the region. Show more

What is the duration of the Tren a las Nubes train journey?

The Tren a las Nubes tour takes approximately 16 hours to complete, reaching an altitude of 4,200 meters above sea level. The train is considered as the third highest railway in the world. While the tour is lengthy, long stops along the way allow passengers to explore the surroundings and capture memorable photos. One such stop lasts around one and a half hours, enabling the soon-to-be passengers to enjoy the place. Show more

Are there any cultural events or activities one can be part of during the Tren a las Nubes trip?

The Tren a las Nubes tour is an excellent way to observe the Andean culture firsthand while traveling through the Puna region's scenic landscapes. Tourists can stop at fascinating places like San Antonio de los Cobres, wherein they can absorb the local culture by visiting the museum. The excursion comprises events like cultural shows and talks to learn about the region's history, craftsmanship, and culture. Show more

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