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With the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, Argentina becomes home to a huge Magellanic Penguin colony


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Every year the Magellanic Penguins come to the shore of Argentinian Patagonia to nest, mate, incubate their eggs, feed their offsprings and prepare them for migration. Near Puerto Madryn you'll find the Peninsula of Punta Tombo which also is a penguin reserve.

The peninsula is essentially a 3-kilometre long and 600-metre wide rock formation, covered in sand, gravel and clay. Here the penguins make their nests and later in October lay eggs. Usually, the females lay two eggs each of which needs 40 days of incubation. Both the male and female take part in the incubation process as well as in feeding the chicks later after they hatch.

After November, when chicks hatch, visiting the colony is especially a good idea since you can watch millions of penguins running around in search of their babies, feeding them and teaching them some basic penguin skills. This continues until March when the colony that consists of almost a million penguins becomes even larger and migrates for the winter months.

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