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Monarch Butterflies

Tens of thousands of North American monarchs head to California for their honeymoon, and wedding night falls on Valentine's Day

Monarch Butterflies in California 2020 - Best Time

SD Dirk

Countless clusters of fragile orange wings fluttering overhead look awesome on the sky-blue backdrop. Also, clusters of monarch butterflies may be found sleeping on tree trunks or bent branches. Despite being light when taken separately, in clusters they become quite heavy.

Monarch Butterflies in California - Best Season 2020

This unique spectacle can be seen throughout the winter months, when all the monarchs from the Rocky Mountains gather together and head to their wintering site in California's Pacific Grove and another group makes its way to Mexico.

Best time for Monarch Butterflies in California 2020

The monarchs start arriving in mid-November and leave by mid-March. Fauna connoisseurs claim their mating rituals take place in mid-February around Valentine's Day—what romantic creatures these monarchs truly are!

Best time to see Monarch Butterflies in California 2020