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Tarantula Migration

Watch thousands of tarantulas on the march through Nevada desert


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Tarantulas are quite common throughout the whole Southwest. However, the town of Gabbs, Nevada, is where you can witness the world’s largest tarantula migration. Every fall, thousands of desert tarantulas get out of their burrows and roam searching for a mate. Those large, hairy spiders with brown or tan hair can be seen on trails, crossing highways, on the streets, and in backyards. In Gabbs, a local high school even picked the tarantula as its mascot. The arachnids' mating season typically starts in September and ends in early November.

In Southern Nevada, the migration occurs as well. The Valley of Fire State Park is one of the best destinations for spider-spotting in the state. Spiders are often seen on the trails near Las Vegas as well. Tarantulas are most active right before or after the sunset.

It's mostly male desert tarantulas that you can spot outside. Females usually stay close to their hideouts waiting for a potential suitor. After mating, it's very common that a female spider kills and eats the poor fellow. Even though tarantulas, reaching a few inches in size, are feared by the public, it has been proved that their venom is quite harmless to people.

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