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Land Crab Migration

From time to time, land crabs invade backyards and streets in South Florida


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Cardisoma guanhumi or the blue land crab is usually not seen. These species spend most of their time in burrows. However, in cases of heavy rainfall and during the spawning season, swarms of crabs can be spotted at various locations in South Florida. Massive crab invasions have been observed recently in Miami Dade County, near Miami, in Martin County, and in Port St. Lucie.

Blue land crabs live in tropical zones along the Atlantic coast. Their size is quite impressive: adult species reach 6 in (15 cm) in diameter. They are usually recognized due to their color. Also, their one claw is significantly larger than the other and it can grow bigger than the crab itself. The spawning season of land crabs in Florida usually lasts from June to December with a peak in October and November.

After the land crab eggs hatch, they need to be released into saltwater in order to survive, that's why female crabs flock en masse to the nearest water bodies. Not all land crabs can be eaten, as some of these crabs are known to be poisonous.

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