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Mullet Migration

It might be amusing to watch migrating mullets jumping above the water's surface, however, they don't do it out of amusement, but to escape chasing predators

Mullet Migration in Florida 2019 - Best Time
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Someone unaware of this natural phenomenon might be truly pleased when they see the surprising sight of hundreds of thousands of fish leaping out of the water heading somewhere. Yet their positive excitement may change when they find out what's going on.

The large school of mullets, the size of a football field or even bigger, determinedly swim along the beaches of Florida. They don't have time to check what's in front of them: a rock, an angler's hook or any other obstacle—natural instinct drives them to their winter breeding grounds—the Gulf Stream and their main enemies are marine predators, including tarpon, shark and snook. As you already understand, many don't make their way to the stream, but these are the severe rules of survival.

You might become a witness of this incredible nature scene provided that you arrange your seaside vacation in Florida during the fall months, namely late September to early October—that's when mullet migration is going on.

Mullet Migration in Florida - Best Season 2019