Best time to travel to Kazakhstan

Saiga Antelopes in Kazakhstan

They have been found on Earth since the Ice Age, but soon may disappear for good—make sure to have a look at this endangered animal while you still can

Best time: April–May | October–November

Saiga Antelopes
Saiga Antelopes

Until quite recent times there had been nearly 300,000 Saiga antelopes in our world, residing mainly in Kazakhstan, and migrating in October to November to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan for warmer winters. Then, between April and May, they head backwards to their homeland.

Over the last 15 years, saiga numbers have declined by 95%. The worst happened in May 2015 when over a third of the world's remaining population died of an unknown disease. Scientists are doing their best to save extremely rare and precious historical animals, but no one knows whether they will eventually survive or die out for good. Thus, seeing an episode of the current migration is a must-do experience in your lifetime.