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Best time of year to visit Georgia

Generally speaking, the best time to visit Georgia runs from June through October. June brings a true summer spirit to the country: all the activities like hiking, rafting, paragliding, and fishing revive, and fruit like cherry plum, kiwi, mulberry, apricots, and loquat are in season. June–September is a perfect time to combine mountain trekking with a beach vacation. September is a ‘golden’ season when it’s still warm enough for summer activities, yet there is already autumn charm with Rtveli. Winter months have some magic atmosphere: late December–early January are all about Christmas traditions, skiing, and sweet gozinaki and tangerines.


Exploring Tusheti

June–mid-October • activity

Tusheti is one of the most picturesque high-mountain hidden gems of Georgia

Kazbegi Ascent

July–September • activity

Climbing one of Georgia's highest peaks is a daring adventure


July–mid-September • activity

Georgia offers most spectacular hiking tracks


September–October • activity

The fifth season of the year is on again in Georgia!

White Water Rafting

late April–mid-October • activity

Georgia is one of the most underscored white water rafting destinations. Explore it now.

Paragliding Summer Season

June–mid-September • activity

Experience Tbilisi sea and Rustavi areas from the height of the sky

Beach Season

May–late September • activity

Warm Georgian sun and mountainous atmosphere will relax you at most

Georgian Tea Season

May–October • food

Hand-picked Georgian tea is one of the country's specialties


September–November • food

The sweet delicacy made in the end of the harvest season

Fishing Trout

May–September • activity

Georgia is well-known for its trout and other fish. It is definitely one of the top ​fishing destinations


March–October • activity

Due to its geographical location Georgia boasts best birding destinations of the world


August–September • food

Georgian watermelons are more than famous throughout the region, and signify the end of summer


Skiing Season

December–April • activity

Try out Caucasian skiing—the top experience of the sport


May 30, 2018 • event

A mixture of pagan and Christian traditions, Lomisoba is a colorful insight into Georgian culture

Art-Gene Festival

July 08–15, 2018 • event

Not just another festival, it's an improvisation of all kinds of Georgian art

Lelo Burti

April 08, 2018 • event

More than a just a sport, Lelo Burti is a spectacular ritual event


January 01–09 • event

The unusual Christmas tree of Georgia


July 28 • event

Lagurka or Kvirikoba is an annual local festival in Svaneti rooted in Christianity and Georgian culture


October • food

Wine is more than just a drink in Georgia, wine is a lifestyle!

Rhododendron Flowers

June • nature

Beautiful red and white flowers cover the Caucasian region in the beginning of summer

Persimmon Season

October–November • food

A delicious autumn fruit perfect for desserts and salads

Chacha Making Season

October–November • food

Chacha is more than just a strong drink. Its production and tasting are​ followed by certain rituals and traditions


March–May • food

Spring is a beautiful time in Georgia when unique dishes are prepared with a celebration

Tangerine Season

November–December • food

Georgian tangerines are especially tender and sweet


May–June • food

A favourite sauce of Georgian cooks is made of plums and is a perfect addition to any meal

Loquat Season

May–June • food

Sweet and sour apricot-like fruit is easy to find in Georgia

Dining with the Dead: Georgian Families' Graveyard Feasts

April 28, 2019 • activity

Eating with the dead? An odd but heart-warming Easter tradition in Georgia

Mulberry Season

May–June • food

Georgia boasts plenty of mulberry trees


January  • food

Traditionally New Year's treat, gozinaki will make the celebration even sweeter

Paragliding Winter Season

December–April • activity

For more experienced paragliders, try flying from Gudauri ski resort!

Kiwi Season

June–August • food

Kiwi is a fantastic fruit!

Feijoa Season

November • food

One of the tropical fruits that grow in Georgia

Samarkhvo Food

February 27–April 15 • food

The great Lent before Easter is the time when Georgian vegetable dishes are at their best


May–June • food

This little yellow cherry plum will definitely catch your attention

Apricots and Peaches

June–early August • food

Georgia is famous for its apricots and peaches