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Birdwatching in Georgia

Due to its geographical location Georgia boasts best birding destinations of the world

Best time: March–October


Georgia is a small country, but its geolocation allows it for the best and diverse birds to hang out there quite often! Here you can find Alpine meadows, semi-deserts, lakes and rivers, caves and mountains. And thus there is diverse habitat for different types of birds. The "big five" Georgian species are Caucasian black grouse, Caucasian snowcock, Caucasian chiffchaff and the Great rosefinch. Aim for spring and autumn ​for spotting migration at Batumi bottleneck, where up to 100,000 raptors pass through on a single day.

Practical info

What are some of the most common bird species found in Georgia?

The country of Georgia boasts a diverse array of avian species, making it an ideal destination for birders. There are many commonly observed birds in Georgia, such as the Scops owl, the semi-collared flycatcher, the Caucasian snowcock, the Caucasian black grouse, and the Great rosefinch. Additionally, western rock nuthatches, rock buntings, and various species of eagles make their homes in this lush country. Show more

What makes Georgia an ideal destination for birdwatching?

Birders consider Georgia to be a prime location for observing birds due to its geographic location and range of habitats. Georgia has everything from semi-deserts and rivers to Alpine meadows and mountains, making it an attractive destination for bird enthusiasts. Numerous bird species can be found here as it is a crossroad of Europe and Asia, and birders can explore a variety of terrains and habitats during their trip. Show more

When is the best time to visit Georgia for birdwatching?

The months from March to October are the best time to visit Georgia for birdwatching. During these months, the dry and pleasant weather make birdwatching more enjoyable. During spring and autumn, birdwatchers can spot migratory species. High mountain valleys are home to the Great Rosefinch during March and April, while thousands of raptors pass through during autumn. Birders should always be wary of potential hazards encountered when observing birds in steep and/or foggy terrains. Show more

Can birdwatching be done year-round in Georgia?

Though birdwatching can be done all year in Georgia, it's recommended to avoid visiting between November and February because of adverse weather conditions. Snow and rain can be obstacles to birdwatching during winter, and the rainy season creates difficulty navigating the terrain. Although winter visitors such as Wallcreepers and Chukars can be observed, these hard-to-spot species are not worth the challenges presented during winter in Georgia. Show more

Where in Georgia can one specifically watch bird migration?

Bird migration can be seen primarily in the Batumi bottleneck, located on the southwest coast of Georgia on the shores of the Black Sea. The bottleneck lies along the primary migratory route of raptors straddling the eastern Black Sea coast. During migration season between September and November, birders can witness over 100,000 raptors passing through the bottleneck within a day. Additionally, several diverse migrant bird species, including Blackcaps, Red-throated pipits, and Robins, can be seen in this location. Show more

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