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Birdwatching in Buenos Aires

Leave the noisy centre of Buenos Aires and check out a more secluded place—the nature reserves of the capital of Argentina

Best time: all year round


There are three main spots for observing birds in Buenos Aires: Costanera Sur, Ribera Norte, and Vicente López Ecologic Reserves. You can see birds all year round because in different seasons there are various species of birds around.

The Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur is a magnificent park with beautiful architecture and sculptures, casual eateries, and picnic areas that invite everyone to relax in nature. Also, it's a great destination where you can observe many species of birds. The reserve area is of ​​approximately 350 hectares. There have been more than 300 species of birds sighted, including many species of waterfowl—ducks, mallard, swans, coots, and gallinules. In addition, from spring to autumn migratory birds fly here including plovers, sandpipers, and yellowlegs. Bar-winged cinclodes, dark-faced ground-tyrants, and rufous-backed negritos come from Patagonia to winter in these lagoons.

The next spot is the Ribera Norte Ecologic Reserve situated in the north of Buenos Aires. It is smaller than the previous one, but with a rich diversity of birds. Here you can find Brazilian ducks, plumbeous rails, rufous-sided crakes, yellow-billed cardinals, and red-rumped warbling-finches. During the summer migration season, bran-coloured flycatcher and the red-eye vireo come as well. In winter one can see white-throated hummingbirds.

The Vicente López Ecologic Reserve is the smallest of these reserves and is a good spot for aquatic birdwatching.

Practical info

What is the best time to go birdwatching in Buenos Aires?

Visitors can go birdwatching in Buenos Aires year-round. The ideal time to view migratory birds is from spring to autumn while winter is best for certain species. Summer can be too humid to watch birds. Show more

Where can I find the most diverse bird species in Buenos Aires?

The Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur is the perfect place to find a rich variety of bird species in Buenos Aires. With 350 hectares of area, it houses over 300 bird species. The Ribera Norte Ecologic Reserve is also worth a visit for most of the year due to its bird species variety. Show more

What bird species can be spotted at the Costanera Sur Reserve?

There's much to see for birdwatchers interested in spotting waterfowl species in the Costanera Sur Reserve. Ducks, mallards, swans, coots, and gallinules can be frequently observed. Migratory seasons offer opportunities to see plovers, sandpipers, and yellowlegs flying here. This reserve site is also a perfect spot to relax, picnic, and view sculptures. Show more

When can I see migratory birds at the Ribera Norte Ecologic Reserve?

Migratory birds of the Ribera Norte Ecologic Reserve can be viewed during spring and autumn. They can also be seen in summer when you can spot the bran-colored flycatcher and red-eye vireo, or winter, with the chance to see white-throated hummingbirds. While having fewer species than Costanera Sur Reserve, Ribera Norte is still a great spot for birdwatching. Show more

Are there any specific bird watching tours or guides available in Buenos Aires?

Visitors can book bird watching tours and guides in Buenos Aires to better spot birds. The guides know the reserves and how to find birdwatching spots. Many operators such as 'Aves Argentinas' and 'Birdwatching Buenos Aires' help bird watchers spot rare species. Also, several apps, including 'BanderitaX' and 'Birding Argentine,' can identify birds for visitors. Show more

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