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Lapacho Blooming in Buenos Aires 2024

The Incas called lapacho "the divine tree" or "tree of life"

Best time: September

Lapacho Blooming
Lapacho Blooming
Lapacho Blooming
Lapacho Blooming

Lapacho is also called the "ant tree" because ants live in its branches. In Buenos Aires, pink lapacho blossoms can be seen in September. During the short flowering season, this tree is incredibly beautiful with its brilliant pink hues. It is often used in landscape design. Lapacho can be spotted in the streets and squares of the Argentine capital.

By the way, for a long time, lapacho has been known for its beneficial properties—the plant is used to treat cancer, ulcers, and inflammation. It is even believed to have antitumour, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. A fragrant and healthy tea can be prepared from the bark of a lapacho tree.

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What month is best to witness the blooming of the lapacho trees in Buenos Aires?

September is the best month to witness the blooming of the lapacho trees throughout Buenos Aires. During this short season, the pink hues of the lapacho trees are on display across the city, dotting its streets, public parks, squares, and green spaces. Show more

Where in Buenos Aires are the lapacho trees commonly found?

Lapacho trees are abundant in Buenos Aires, adorning the likes of the Avenida del Libertador, Bosques de Palermo, and the Plaza de Mayo. The distinctive pink flowers of the lapacho trees draw attention to them, making these particular ones difficult to miss. Show more

What was the importance of lapacho to the Incas?

Lapacho, also known as the 'divine tree' or 'tree of life,' held significant importance for the Incas. The bark of the lapacho tree was believed to have miraculous healing properties and was used as treatment for various ailments, including inflammation, cancer, and ulcers. The tea derived from the lapacho tree bark was also considered to have antiviral, antibacterial, and antitumor properties. Show more

What are the medicinal health benefits found in lapacho?

Apart from its captivating beauty, lapacho is especially known for its numerous medicinal health benefits. Its bark is often used to brew tea which holds numerous health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and boosting the immune system. Lapacho is also employed in traditional medicine for promoting general health, wellness and treating cancer, inflammation, and ulcers. Show more

Is lapacho a common ingredient in traditional dishes served in Buenos Aires?

Lapacho isn't typically used as an ingredient in traditional dishes or drinks in Buenos Aires. However, lapacho tea is renowned for its medicinal properties and popularly consumed to alleviate respiratory infections, sore throats, mood disorders, and fungal infections. The Argentineans primarily use lapacho for its therapeutic qualities rather than as a culinary ingredient. Show more

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