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Lapacho Blooming

The Incas called lapacho "the divine tree" or "tree of life"


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Lapacho is also called the "ant tree" because ants live in its branches. In Buenos Aires, pink lapacho blossoms can be seen in September. During the short flowering season, this tree is incredibly beautiful with its brilliant pink hues. It is often used in landscape design. Lapacho can be spotted in the streets and squares of the Argentine capital.

Lapacho Blooming in Buenos Aires - Best Season 2020

By the way, for a long time, lapacho has been known for its beneficial properties—the plant is used to treat cancer, ulcers, and inflammation. It is even believed to have antitumour, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. A fragrant and healthy tea can be prepared from the bark of a lapacho tree.

Best time for Lapacho Blooming in Buenos Aires 2020
Best time to see Lapacho Blooming in Buenos Aires 2020

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