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Feria de Mataderos

Witness the rural life of gauchos, porteños, and migrants who honour the traditions of their ancestors

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Every Sunday from March to December during the day, and every Saturday night in January–February, Feria de Mataderos (Mataderos Market Street Fair) takes place in Buenos Aires. Mataderos literally means "slaughterhouses." It's a great opportunity to learn about the traditions and customs of rural Argentina, their artisanal crafts, and artwork. Argentinian cowboys and gauchos come from the countryside with shows of horsemanship and handicrafts. Folk bands play music on accordions, traditional bombo legüero drums and folk guitars, and dancers showcase folk performances like zambas danced in pairs.

The event is accompanied with some incredible street food stalls as well. The Feria de Mataderos offers a great market for handcrafted good: hand stitched scarves and ponchos, handmade shoes, nice warm gloves and hats, mate gourds, cheese, fried meat, plenty of sweet treats, wine, stone and silver jewellery, native souvenirs such as a duendito, and other awesome stuff.

Barbeque also fills the air with enticing smells for when you are hungry. In addition, horse races and “carrera de sortija” events take place at Feria de Mataderos. All the participants wear traditional Argentine costumes from the countryside, often in bright colours.

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