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Foire du Midi 2023

For over one month, the funfair occupies the streets of Brussels

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Every summer, over 2 km (1.2 mi) of Boulevard du Midi, the area between Porte d’Anderlecht and Porte de Hal, turns into a never-ending funfair for children and adults. Foire du Midi (Fair of the Midi or Zuid Foor) has a long history and deep roots in Brussels. It was first organized in 1880. Back in those days, entertainers to the public were freaks, fortune tellers, wrestling competitions, organs in barrels and other attractions that seem to be outdated and a bit spooky today. The modern funfair is now a territory of roller coasters, big wheels, and similar mechanical attractions.

The alternative name for the event is “Grande Kermesse” which literally translates to 'giant funfair'. Beyond dispute, the scope of the Foire du Midi is quite impressive: approximately 130 attractions are waiting to entertain visitors. The variety of choice makes the funfair suitable for children as well as adults: anyone can find an appealing attraction. Over one million visitors attend the Foire du Midi annually.

The funfair also includes plenty of food stalls. Even a new unique sauce—“Kermesse”—has been created especially for the Foire du Midi. It can be tasted exclusively at the funfair.

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