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Foire du Midi 2024 in Brussels

For over one month, the funfair occupies the streets of Brussels

Dates: July 13–August 18, 2024

Foire du Midi
Foire du Midi
Foire du Midi
Foire du Midi

Foire du Midi is Brussels' most significant funfair, kicking off each year on the first weekend before National Day in July and lasting through August. It spans over a month between the Hal Gate and the Anderlecht Gate, showcasing a blend of traditional and modern attractions that have evolved with technological advancements. From quaint wrestler huts and fortune tellers to thrilling auto scooters, roller coasters, and Ferris wheels, the fair continues to captivate visitors with its dynamic offerings.

Schedule of the Fair

The midday fair opens its doors every day from 2:00 pm to midnight on weekdays (with food stands starting at 11 am) and from 2 pm to 1 am on weekends and the eve of public holidays.

Fun Entertainment

The alternative name for the event is "Grande Kermesse," which literally translates to 'giant funfair.' Beyond dispute, the scope of the Foire du Midi is quite impressive: approximately 130 attractions are waiting to entertain visitors. The variety of choices makes the funfair suitable for children as well as adults: anyone can find an appealing attraction. The fair features various attractions, from thrilling roller coaster rides to family-friendly activities, games like Golden Nugget Casino and Westpoint Shooting, children's entertainment, and engaging shots such as Streetgame and Archery.

Food & Beverages

The funfair also includes plenty of food stalls. A new unique sauce—“Kermesse”—has been created especially for the Foire du Midi. It can be tasted exclusively at the funfair. Also, it fair offers a variety of food and drink vendors, including Los Churros, Nougat Montelimar, Pasta Fresca, Mouliche Barbe à Papa, Friture Delforge, Cotton Candy, and Delicatesses Van.

History of the Foire du Midi

In 1880, Brussels' Municipal Council decided to merge three simultaneous fairs into one large event on Boulevard du Midi starting in July. A committee was formed in 1882 to organize this fair, and after initial hesitation, it became an annual tradition from 1885 onwards. Back in those days, entertainers to the public were fortune tellers, wrestling competitions, organs in barrels, and other attractions. Over one million visitors attend the Foire du Midi annually.

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