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Flower Carpet & Flowertime 2023

Every year, the centre of Brussels gets covered with flowers

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Two events—the Flowertime and Flower Carpet—occur biennially altering with one another. Every August, a team of florists brings magic to the centre of Brussels: in the even years they assemble the Flower Carpet on the Grand-Place, and in the odd years the Town Hall becomes the focus of the Flowertime celebration.

The Flower Carpet was created in 1971. Since 1986, the installation has become a regular occurrence. Today, The Flower Carpet occupies the market square of the city for four days—that’s the length of time that cut flowers can endure, regardless of weather conditions. Over 500,000 begonias and dahlias are used to assemble a vast floral carpet, 75 m (246 ft) long and 24 m (79 ft) wide. Begonias prove to be the best flowers for the installation as they have a wide and rich palette of colours and remain fresh for several days.

Those who come to view the Carpet at night, can also enjoy a series of sound and light shows held at the square. Each edition of the event is dedicated to a certain topic and a special musical theme is composed to be played exclusively.

Flowertime is a younger event with the first edition taking place in 2013. The event lasts for five days. During this time, the Grand-Place and the Town Hall get decorated with flowers and floral installations. Being a part of the UNESCO Heritage, the Town Hall is marvellous even without any additional elements. When more than 100,000 flowers deluge its rooms and corridors with a mixture of scents and colours, it becomes exceptional. The theme of Flowertime also varies every year and the organizers always try to add a little extra at night such as a trio of musicians playing in the rooms of the Town Hall. The night time, by the way, is a really unique time during which you can avoid crowds.

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