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Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival in California

Every spring over a million purple blossoms drape from the tangled branches, and you can visit the place only during the annual Wistaria Festival

Best time: March 19, 2023

Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival
Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival

Have you ever dreamt of making it to the Guinness Book of World Records? Well, some plants got there without striving for it. A tiny wisteria (spelled "wistaria" locally) vine was planed in a backyard of one of Sierra Madre houses back in 1894. At some point, it grew so big that now the Guiness Book of World Records lists the vine as the world’s largest blossoming plant.

The massive vine is strangely hard to see, as it grows on private property. The purple beauty can be visited only once a year during the annual Wistaria Festival. You can hop on a shuttle bus for about $12, but the entrance to the festival itself is free of charge. It is a truly magical experience to walk under the sprawling canopy of delicate flowers.

Practical info

When does the annual Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival take place?

The Wistaria vine blooms around late March or early April, which is the time when the annual Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival occurs. The festival takes place over the course of a day, with the specific date possibly changing year-to-year. to stay up-to-date with the event information, visitors can check the Sierra Madre website. The next Wistaria Festival is expected to take place on March 19, 2023. Show more

Where is the location of the world's largest blossoming plant?

Sierra Madre in California, United States, is where the world's largest blossoming plant, the Wistaria vine, can be found. The sprawling vine is present in a private residential backyard that is publicly inaccessible throughout the year. Visitors can solely view and admire it during the annual Wistaria Festival. Shuttle bus facilities operate to transport visitors to the vine from the festival. Each year, the festival witnesses many people from around the world. Show more

Is there a cost to take the shuttle bus to visit the Wistaria Festival in Sierra Madre?

A fee is charged for the shuttle bus that transfers visitors to the location of the Wistaria vine. The expense usually changes each year and depends on the shuttle bus provider. Approximately, the cost of a shuttle is $12 per person in recent years. For precise and present information about dates, the entry and exit timings, and shuttle bus availability, check out the website of the Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival. Show more

How can people get access to the private property where the massive vine grows during the Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival?

The private property in Sierra Madre, California, where the Wistaria vine grows is not accessible outside of the annual event called the Wistaria Festival. Visitors who buy tickets to the festival can take the shuttle bus to visit the vine location. Shuttle buses may have variable prices and must operate on the event's precise dates. Without these arrangements, people have no admittance to the vine location on the property as the private residential backyard harbors it. Show more

What other places can visitors see during the Wistaria Festival in Sierra Madre/Los Angeles?

Sierra Madre, California, visitors embarking on trips to attend the annual Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival, should check out the neighboring places as well. Los Angeles, which is 25 minutes away from Sierra Madre, has many tourist attractions such as the Griffith Observatory, the Getty Center, and the Hollywood Boulevard, which visitors can explore. Visitors can plan day trips to these sites before or after attending the festival or stay in the region for an elongated period to get to know the place better. Show more

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