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National Tulip Day 2025

There can be no excuse to miss the National Day of one of the Dutch symbols—the tulip

Dates: January 18, 2025

National Tulip Day
National Tulip Day
National Tulip Day

The Tulip season in the Netherlands starts with the spectacular celebration of the National Tulip Day on the Dam Square in Amsterdam. The striking garden of 200,000 tulips is put up for more than 10,000 people​ to pick them up and take home free of charge. The tulips come from the north of Holland and are regarded as the best of their kind. So do not hesitate to see one of the highlights of the Amsterdam spring. This can be your chance to get a special souvenir from Amsterdam for free!

If you are not afraid of crowds, mark the third Saturday of January in your calendar and head to Dam Square. The tulip garden is set up there starting from 8 am. You can come in the morning to see the arrangement of beautiful flowers without crowds. The garden opens to the public a 1 pm and closes at 4:30 pm. The lines get rather long at this time so be prepared to wait for up to one hour before you enter.

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