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Girona Flower Festival 2020

Houses decorated with amazing floral arrangements transform the old city of Girona into an incredible bouquet of landscapes, colours, and beauty

Girona Flower Festival in Spain 2020 - Best Time

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Girona is well-known as ‘The City of Festivals’, but it is without a doubt the Temps de Flors (the Flower Festival) that is the brightest of them all. What started as a small flower show and competition over 50 years ago is now one of the biggest and best events in Spain. Girona has made it modern, colourful and creative.

Girona Flower Festival in Spain - Best Season 2020

The festival features a variety of flower arrangements that decorate the city, especially the old town. Wonderful arrangements and bouquets are made by local people and displayed both in public buildings and near their own homes.

Best time for Girona Flower Festival in Spain 2020

The best way to discover the various floral installations is to follow the Temps de Flors festival map. There are plenty of places that shouldn't be missed including the Cathedral, San Lluc Church, Sant Feliu Basilica, San Marti Church and the Arab Baths. These unique buildings also open their doors to visitors during this time.

Best time to see Girona Flower Festival in Spain 2020

Some decorations are hidden in corners, small courtyards, and gardens, so it can turn into a bit of a game to find them all.

Best time for Girona Flower Festival 2020

Without a doubt, the Flower Festival can inspire you to create your own floral arrangements at home.This is a great opportunity to not only learn the art of flower arrangement but to also explore the old city, its attractions and historic buildings. The flower festival takes place at the same time as the International Festival of A Capella Music, so you will have a chance to hear great music in the city while visiting during this period. The festival takes place every May.

Best time to see Girona Flower Festival 2020
Best time to see Girona Flower Festival 2020