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Anthestiria or Flower Festivals in Cyprus 2025

Save some space on your camera for stunning pictures of the blooming yards of Lania Village

Best time: May

Anthestiria or Flower Festivals
Anthestiria or Flower Festivals
Anthestiria or Flower Festivals
Anthestiria or Flower Festivals

If you are already in the Camaraderie wine region during the summer period, you shouldn't miss the chance to visit Lania Village. But if you are there around May, you are almost obliged to walk through Lania's streets and enjoy the local flower festival.

It is not actually a festival, but rather an organised event with open doors at every household. This is done in order to impress village visitors with the enormous amounts of flowers that grow in the yards and which are at the peak of blooming in May. In addition to magnificent aromas and views, you will be impressed by the hospitality of local people who will try to treat you with some homemade delicacies and wines.

By the way, Lania Village is not only famous for its flowers. Several artists are known for decorating their houses in Lania and the nearby streets in an interesting way.

You can also observe similar flower celebrations in Yermasoya tourist area close to Limassol or in Kato Pathos with flower parades.

Practical info

When is the flower festival held in Lania Village, and what can visitors expect?

To witness the peak blooming period of the flowers in Lania Village, visit in May, when the local flower festival takes place. The festival showcases the passion for gardening in the community, promotes the village's beauty and traditions, and exhibits the artistic skills of several artists who decorate their homes with creative designs. As a visitor, you can experience local hospitality, sample homemade delicacies and wine, and enjoy the stunning views and aromas of blooming flowers. Show more

What other locations in Cyprus hold flower festivals similar to the one in Lania Village?

Aside from Lania Village, other parts of Cyprus, such as the tourist area Yermasoya close to Limassol and Kato Pathos, have similar flower festivals with flower parades around the summer period. Visitors to these events also enjoy local hospitality and get treated to stunning views and aromas of blooming flowers. Show more

What is the flower festival in Lania Village and its purpose?

The Lania Village flower festival is an annual community event where every household showcases its gardening skills and exhibits the flowers they have grown. Although it is not an official festival, it promotes the village's beauty and traditions and has become an occasion where artists decorate their homes with creative designs. The festival provides visitors with a unique experience to witness the passionate gardening culture that characterizes the community in Lania Village. Show more

How do the locals in Lania Village exhibit their hospitality during the flower festival?

The locals in Lania Village are renowned for their hospitality, which they showcase during the flower festival by treating visitors to homemade delicacies and wine as they visit every household. Visitors get to taste authentic food, engage in friendly conversations, and sense the eagerness of the locals to share their culture, traditions, and experience. This unique experience creates an unforgettable memory that will linger in the minds of visitors. Show more

What other unique cultural events can one experience during summer in the Camaraderie wine region?

In addition to Lania Village's flower festival, the Camaraderie wine region has numerous cultural events during the summer season. The Wine Festival in Limassol allows visitors to sample an array of local and international wines. Alternatively, visitors can attend Rural Festivals, where local artisans showcase their handmade crafts, or the Greek Drama Festival in Kourion, where classic Greek plays are performed on a stunning amphitheater, in a unique and memorable experience. Show more

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