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Ayia Napa International Festival 2023

All in one—this festival is an overview of the art, agriculture, flora, fauna, and craftsmanship of Cyprus

Spending several days at the end of September in Ayia Napa is a great way to better understand Cyprus. The annual Ayia Napa Festival includes theatrical, musical, and dance performances based on local traditions. Special exhibitions also showcase the variety of flowers, butterflies, and shells of the island. Also available are various works of art and photography by local artists.

The very unique venue of the festival is the Farmhouse which offers its visitors an exhibition of furniture and tools from the 19th century. You can also check out demonstrations and take part in wood carving, silversmithing, the preparation of Zivania (traditional alcoholic drink), Halloumi (goat's cheese), and Palouzes (grape jelly).

The Ayia Napa International Festival is definitely number one in the calendar of yearly events occurring at the Ayia Napa resort. Moreover, the festival is also one of the most anticipated events on the island of Cyprus. The entrance is free. So don't think twice about whether to attend or not. What's the excuse for not having fun at no cost?

The festivities take place over four days in Ayia Napa Central Square. Usually, performances start in the evening, around 7 pm. But schedules are always subject to change, so check the final version before going.

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