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Snorkelling and Diving

Meet the fauna of the Mediterranean Sea in the Bath of Aphrodite or near the wreck of the Accelo


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If you are a newbie scuba diver or have an advanced qualification, the Mediterranean Sea around Cyprus will offer you unforgettable underwater adventures. Cyprus has some definite gems worth exploring and it is quite easy to do so. Firstly, most of the attractions are accessible from the shore, so you don't need to spend few hours on a boat to reach the destination. Also, there are numerous sites at a small depth—Green Bay, Greko Cyclops Cave, etc.

From June till October you can enjoy colourful reefs inhabited by octopuses, lobsters, seasonal sharks, turtles, and manta rays.

More experienced divers can enjoy the more extreme abyssal spots around Cyprus. One of the most famous is RS Zenobia, or The Zen, which lies at a depth of 40 meters and is basically a shipwreck. There are no sea monsters there, but several cattle skeletons may be waiting for you around the corner. Zenobia sank in Larnaca Bay and all the diving centres in Larnaca organise trips to this popular destination.

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