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Snorkeling in Cambodia

Cambodia has two major snorkeling destinations: never sleeping Sihanoukville and alternatively calm Kep

Sok San Beach in Sihanoukville is one of the most popular beach destinations in a country and is considered as an ultim​ate backpacker’s paradise of Cambodia. There are plenty of snorkeling centers and snorkeling sites while the prices are really low comparing to other Asian countries. On the other hand, Kep Beach can be perfect laid-back destinations, with a bit less things to see below the surface; however Big Beach Koh Tunsay and Kaoh Tunsay Beach nearby are good places to see the coral gardens. Whatever place you​ choose, be aware that the optimal season runs from October to June.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Cambodia for snorkeling?

To explore Cambodia's underwater treasures, it's best to visit between October and June when the water is clear, calm, and provides good visibility for snorkeling. December is considered the optimal month when the weather is dry, the sea is calm, and the visibility is outstanding. Try to avoid visiting during rainy seasons as there might be heavy rainfall and rough seas. Show more

Where are the best snorkeling sites in Cambodia other than Sihanoukville and Kep?

Apart from Sihanoukville and Kep, Cambodia's other famous snorkeling destinations include Koh Rong Island, Koh Ta Kiev Island, Koh Russei Island, and Koh Sdach Island. These islands offer stunning coral reef gardens and a range of marine life to explore. As some of these islands are accessible only by boat, visitors must plan their trip accordingly. Show more

What types of marine life can be seen while snorkeling in Cambodia?

Cambodia's waters host more than 500 fish species and over 100 coral species. Colorful fish such as parrotfish, clownfish, triggerfish, and angelfish are commonly sighted while snorkeling. You might also see seahorses, jellyfish, starfish, nudibranchs, and if fortunate, turtles and blacktip reef sharks. Show more

How much does snorkeling equipment rental cost in Cambodia?

Snorkeling gear rental in Cambodia is typically priced between $5 and $10 per day, depending on location and equipment quality. The rental equipment typically includes a full mask, fins, snorkel, and life jacket. Some rental companies might offer waterproof cameras for an additional price to capture stunning underwater pictures. Show more

Are there any specific rules and regulations that need to be followed while snorkeling in Cambodia?

Eco-friendly snorkeling practices, following the designated swimming areas, wearing a life jacket, avoiding coral contact, and not feeding the fish are some of the protocols to follow while snorkeling in Cambodia. Visitors are suggested to snorkel with a guide or partner to ensure safety and to prevent accidents. Littering is prohibited to ensure sustainable tourism and marine environment preservation. Show more

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