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Bamboo Train or Norry

Ride the rails on a bamboo train


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Bamboo train, known in Khmer as “norry”, is a kind of bamboo raft on wheels that are turned by a small gas engine. It runs with a speed up to 50 kilometers per hour on a single line and can quickly be removed to the ground near the tracks if two trains going opposite directions meet. Same happens if there is a real train coming; however train conductors always know the real trains' schedule so they can avoid a collision. Nowadays there are just a couple of bamboo trains left in Battambang ​city, becoming a rarity of Cambodian public transport. So you still have a chance to ride old rail tracks on a bamboo raft along with chicken, some dogs and fellow Cambodians. Notice that during the wet season from May to October it will be less hot outside. ​

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