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Wood Rafting on Dunajec River in Slovakia

Experience traditional Slovak rafting and enjoy the beautiful nature around you

Best time: May–October

Wood Rafting on Dunajec River
Wood Rafting on Dunajec River

Slovakia is indeed a corner of paradise for those who love nature. It is full of beautiful parks, lakes, and rivers. The best way to discover this wild natural beauty is by traditional raft on the Dunajec river. The river is situated on the border between Slovakia and Poland. Traditionally you will boat on a folk wooden raft, which is made by narrow logs. The raftsmen will inspire you by telling stories about the Pieniny Mountains and different mystic legends. All the rocky landscapes, green trees, and marvellous views will definitely amaze you during the trip.

Rafting season on the Dunajec river continues from May until October. The cruise starts a small Slovakian village of Červený Kláštor. The trip can last for two or three hours.

Practical info

When is the best time to take the rafting tour on Dunajec River?

To take a rafting tour on the Dunajec River, visitors should schedule their trip between May and October, when the river is open to visitors. These months offer a pleasant temperature ranging from 15°C to 25°C, though visitors should expect lower temps in May and September. The tour is sure to be a memorable experience for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike! Show more

Where does the rafting tour on Dunajec River begin and end?

Rafting enthusiasts shouldn't miss the traditional rafting tour on the Dunajec River, which begins at Červený Kláštor situated on the Slovak-Polish border. The tour stretches across a distance of 18 km, providing an excellent view of the scenery, including the Pieniny National Park's breathtaking landscape, until it ends near Szczawnica, Poland. The tour introduces visitors to the folklore, fauna, flora, and safety guidelines of the river adventure. Show more

What is the duration of the traditional rafting tour on Dunajec River?

Visitors who opt for the traditional rafting tour on Dunajec River should schedule two to three hours for the activity. During this time, they will not only get to appreciate the stunning views of the limestone cliffs and dense forest of Pieniny National Park but also learn about its history, nature, and significance. Nature lovers will find it quite engrossing and an exciting experience worth their time! Show more

What should I wear and bring during the rafting tour?

As the weather in Slovakia is unpredictable, visitors are advised to dress for any situation when taking a rafting tour on Dunajec River. Wear comfortable shorts, hiking sandals, and a t-shirt as the rafting waters are calm and slow. To protect against a sudden cold breeze, keep a warm sweater handy. With sunscreen, insect repellent, a waterproof jacket, and a camera to capture the picturesque beauty of Dunajec river canyon, visitors can ensure they have a wonderful trip! Show more

Can we expect to see any wildlife during the rafting tour?

Tourists traveling to the Dunajec River for rafting can expect to see various plants, animals, and birds as the river is rich in wildlife. The stunning scenery on offer includes butterflies, marmots, chamois, and various bird species, especially predatory birds. Visitors may also be fortunate to come across brown bears while enjoying the serene surroundings of the natural landscape on the rafting tour of the Dunajec river canyon. Show more

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