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Rafting in Albania 2024

Vjosa River and Osumi Canyon are Albania's favourites among the lovers of rafting

Best time: March–November


The mountain rivers of Albania with their rapid currents and treacherous rushes are ideal for rafting thrills. You are guaranteed some adrenaline as well as pleasure from observing the delightful nature around. Magnificent waterways feature numerous waterfalls and overlook various landmarks, including ancient churches.

The most popular rafting destinations include the Vjosa and Osumi mountain rivers. You can choose from a variety of rafting tours on offer. The trips are accompanied by professional instructors. Guides help with preparation for the adventure providing the necessary instruction. Most tours depart from Tirana, Berat, Përmet, and Sarandë. These trips might last from several hours to several days. Some tours combine rafting experience with kayaking and hiking.

The season for rafting depends on the weather, usually running from March to November.

Practical info

What is the best time to go rafting in Albania?

March through November is the best time to go rafting in Albania. During this period, the weather is warm as Albania is a Mediterranean country. Avoid the winter season as it comes with harsh weather conditions, posing safety risks. Show more

Where are the most popular rafting destinations in Albania?

Vjosa River and Osumi Canyon are two major destinations for rafting in Albania, located in the south of the country. The Vjosa River and Osumi Canyon offer landmarks such as ancient churches and beautiful waterfalls, providing tourists with a memorable experience. These locations are accessible from Tirana, Berat, Përmet, and Sarandë. Show more

How long does a typical rafting trip in Albania last?

Rafting duration in Albania ranges from several hours to several days, depending on the package. A typical half-day rafting trip lasts between 2-3 hours, while full-day trips can go up to 5-6 hours. Multi-day rafting tours that include kayaking and hiking are available too. Show more

Are there any other activities besides rafting in Albania?

In addition to rafting, Albania offers other fantastic activities like hiking, camping, and kayaking. Tourists can explore various ancient churches and landmarks as well. Albania has beautiful beaches along the Albanian Riviera, including Ksamil and Drymades, for beach lovers. Show more

What should I bring with me for a rafting trip in Albania?

Bring quick-drying clothes and shoes, a hat, sunscreen, a waterproof camera, a towel, and a change of clothes for a rafting trip in Albania. It is vital to carry water for the trip to stay hydrated. Pack them in a waterproof bag to prevent them from getting soaked during the rafting experience. Show more

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