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Windsurfing in Albania

The beautiful coastline of Albania provides excellent opportunities to enjoy water sports

Best time: mid-March–late November

Albania has several windsurfing destinations including Velipojë, Durrës and Karavasta. Velipojë resort enjoys the greatest popularity. With its enclosed bay and Vilun lagoon, it is the ideal place to practice or learn windsurfing. This area is famous for its constant flat water, unusual waves, and steady side-shore winds. The area of Velipojë is great for those who want to practice freeride, race, or slalom.

Even though windsurfing is available all year round, sports fans prefer to practice this activity from as early as March till late November. That's the warm season which allows enjoying windsurf without neoprene. Learning packages are available mainly between April and October. Summer months of July and August are the most comfortable and hence also the most expensive. The best hours for windsurfing are between 1 pm and 5 pm when a strong west wind creates good waves.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to learn windsurfing in Albania?

All year round, windsurfing is a popular activity in Albania, however, the best times to learn windsurfing are from mid-March to late November. Between April and October, learning packages are available. July and August are popular for their comfortable weather but high prices. Show more

Where are the best windsurfing spots in Albania?

There are many windsurfing spots in Albania, but the most prominent are Velipojë, Durrës, and Karavasta. Velipojë is especially great for beginners since its enclosed bay and Vilun lagoon provide flat, wave-free water and side-shore winds that help freeride, race or slalom windsurfing practices. Show more

Can beginners learn windsurfing in Velipojë resort?

Yes, Velipojë resort caters learning packages from April to October for all levels of windsurfers. Conditions for windsurfing like the constant flat water, unusual waves, and steady side-shore winds make it an excellent spot to learn and improve windsurfing skills. Show more

What makes Velipojë resort's windsurfing experience unique compared to other spots?

Compared to other windsurfing locations, Velipojë's enclosed bay and Vilun lagoon have uncommon conditions like side-shore winds and unusual waves suitable for different windsurfing activities like freeride, race, or slalom. Further adding value to its experience is the beautiful coastline. Show more

What are the peak months for windsurfers to visit Albania?

Peak times are from mid-March to late November for windsurfing in Albania. And July and August provide the best weather conditions, but the high rates may not favor all. Budget pockets can visit in the offseason when prices are down. April-October provide learning packages for all skills of windsurfing. Show more

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