Best time to visit Corsica

Kite and Windsurfing in Corsica

Corsica is a great place to learn kite and wind surfing

Best time: April–October

Kite and Windsurfing
Kite and Windsurfing
Kite and Windsurfing
Kite and Windsurfing
Kite and Windsurfing

Those searching for active summer sports will find some perfect spots in Corsica. Many locations in the south near Bonifacio and Piantarella, or in the north near Santa Manza have great locations for practicing, equipment rental, and learning the art of windsurfing.

Practical info

When is the best time of year to plan a kite or windsurfing trip to Corsica?

To make the most of your kite or windsurfing trip in Corsica, choose to visit between April and October. During this period, the region enjoys great weather for these activities with an optimal combination of good wind conditions, sunny days, and warm temperatures. It is advisable to plan your visit ahead of time to avoid overbooking, especially since the peak season is from July to August. Show more

Where are the best locations to learn kite and windsurfing in Corsica?

Corsica's southern parts, located around Bonifacio and Piantarella, as well as the north near Santa Manza, offer the best locations to learn kite and windsurfing. These areas have several kite and windsurfing schools that offer excellent courses and have rentals for everyone, from novice to proficient level enthusiasts. The beaches in these areas are ideal for these sports, with calm, shallow waters great for beginners. Show more

What is the average cost of rental equipment for kite and windsurfing in Corsica?

The average price of kite and windsurf board rental equipment in Corsica varies, depending on the range and duration of the rental. The price of renting a kiteboard or windsurf board is around 40 to 50 euros per day, and a whole kit that includes additional gear like a wetsuit, harness, and safety systems could range up to 100 euros per day. Some schools offer packages and discounts for longer rentals. Show more

Which beaches in Corsica are known for having the best winds for kite and windsurfing?

Corsica's best beaches for kite and windsurfing enthusiasts are Piantarella, Santa Manza, and Palombaggia. These locations are known because of their optimum wind conditions; the winds are steady and constant, blowing from the northwest direction, and range between 10 and 25 knots, based on the day time or season. These beaches have offshore and onshore winds, allowing a diverse range of activities and moves. Show more

Are there any restrictions or permits needed for kite and windsurfing in Corsica?

Enjoy a safe, trouble-free kite and windsurfing experience in Corsica by keeping some rules and guidelines in mind. Every rider should carry a safety buoy and wear a life jacket at all times. A kiteboarding license is mandatory for those intending to try the sport outside officially designated areas. Crowded areas such as swimming zones, beaches designated for other human activities, and protected regions like nature reserves and marine parks should be avoided. It is advisable to check the local guidelines before you begin your kite or windsurfing adventure in Corsica. Show more

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