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A hidden gem of the Caribbean sea

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Colombia has vast sandy beaches, warm air, and water all year round and stunning nature, which makes it a perfect kiteboarding destination. The best time is between December and April as these months ensure stable winds of 25-30 knots. No wetsuits are needed to kitesurf in Colombia. Kiters can find here both waves and flat water: plenty of spots for riders of all levels. On the downside, there are not so many rentals or amenities for kitesurfers. Some small towns may not have electricity or running water. If you need to find a rental, your best option is Cartagena. The big port on the Caribbean coast also features several schools and kitesurfing spots, particularly on Playa la Boquilla.

If Cartagena is too busy for you, there are plenty of rural towns along Colombia's North coast with beautiful waves and beaches. Santa Veronica, for example, is located between Cartagena and Barranquilla. The large sandy beach and bay have spots with waves near Olas Inn and Casa Agua de Vela, as well as flat areas ideal for beginners. There is also a kite shop.

Cabo de la Vela is in Colombia’s extreme North, and you will need to find a taxi from Riohacha to get there. It has a fantastic shallow, flat water bay and wind all year round. While you are there, you can meet local indigenous people Wayuu. Besides, the northern locations Another decent kitesurfing spot is Lago Calima (Calima Lake), near Darién.

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