Best time to visit Madagascar

Kitesurfing in Madagascar

Wind and waves of Madagascar are made for kitesurfers

Best time: early April–late November


The Emerald Sea in the north of Madagascar is a perfect place for water sports thanks to a constant 30 knot wind, which blows non stop between April and November. Locals name this period “Varatraza season”, which means “the season of trade winds”. The large coral lagoon has a rich marine life. One might frequently catch sight of manta rays and sea turtles roaming in the turquoise waters. In the breaks between kitesurfing, ​it's worth to explore the islands: Nosy Diego, Nosy Suarez and Nosy Antaly Be.

Practical info

What is the best time of the year to plan a kitesurfing trip to Madagascar?

For kitesurfing trips to Madagascar, the best time is from early April to late November, also known as the Varatraza season. During this period, the trade wind is strongest while waves provide the best surfing conditions. Optimum planning is essential for an unparalleled kitesurfing experience in Madagascar's Emerald Sea. Show more

Which are the best places to explore when not kitesurfing in Madagascar?

Apart from kitesurfing, Madagascar offers other exciting experiences. Some of the best places to explore include the Island of Turtles (Nosy Diego), home to various turtle species, and Nosy Suarez, a bird sanctuary with several terns and frigatebirds. Nosy Antaly Be, known for its crystal-clear waters, is an ideal spot for snorkeling excursions. Show more

Is it possible to rent kitesurfing equipment in the Emerald Sea in Madagascar?

Kitesurfing equipment is available for rent at various schools along Madagascar's Emerald Sea such as Madakitesurf and Sakalava. They offer storage facilities, changing rooms, comprehensive lessons for both beginner and advanced levels in either English or French. Show more

Are there any particular marine life species that one can spot while kitesurfing in Madagascar?

Madagascar's Emerald Sea presents ample opportunities to sight marine life such as manta rays and sea turtles in its turquoise waters. More than 500 fish species, some exclusive to the area, thrive in the coral lagoon. Kitesurfing also offers chances to view rare marine mammals and seabirds. Show more

How does the frequency of the wind in Madagascar compare to other kitesurfing destinations?

Madagascar is world-renowned for its strong and consistent trade winds, which blow continuously at 30 knots from April to November. Compared to other popular kitesurfing destinations such as Mauritius, Brazil, and Egypt, these winds are quite impressive. Madagascar's reliable conditions make it the paradise of choice for freeriding and wave riding enthusiasts. Show more

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