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Kitesurfing in El Gouna in Egypt

Glide on the water alongside nature, sea birds, and sometimes flying fish, sea turtles, or dolphins

Best time: June–September

Kitesurfing in El Gouna
Kitesurfing in El Gouna

El Gouna is the best kite boarding spot for both professionals and beginners. There is no more beautiful place for this activity in Egypt. It’s just about wind and weather in El Gouna, you won’t find those big waves as in Hamata here. Whether riding, cruising, jumping, or surfing waves kite surfing gives you an exhilarating opportunity to enjoy the sea.

The Kitesurfing clubs are open all year round but the best months for the activity are June to September when windy weather is the more prevalent. But you should be aware of August being sweltering hot. During December–February El Gouna experiences a mix of light and strong wind days. In the cold season, wind chances are better at other spots across Egypt, but many kiters still prefer El Gouna, for it always wins with kitesurfing lifestyle and open-minded atmosphere.

Water temperature differs depending on the season. If you choose to visit El Gouna in summer, lycra will suffice. For spring and fall, bring shorty, and for winter—full wetsuit.

People normally get to El Gouna from Hurgada airport which is only half an hour away.

Practical info

When is the best time to go kitesurfing in El Gouna?

Between June and September is the perfect time for all kiteboarding enthusiasts to plan their trip to El Gouna, as the weather is windy and suitable for kite surfing. Although August can be too hot, visiting during December to February is fantastic because light and strong wind days create an incredible experience. While some kite surfers may prefer other locations, El Gouna's comfortable and relaxed lifestyle and inclusive atmosphere make it a top pick for many visitors. Show more

What is the temperature of the water in El Gouna during winter?

Winter temperatures in El Gouna are mild, with an average water temperature of 20-22°C. Visitors must bring full wetsuits to keep warm. However, during the summertime, not more than lycra is needed for kite surfing. When visiting in the spring and fall, shorties are great for added protection. Show more

Where is El Gouna located in Egypt?

El Gouna is a resort town on the Red Sea coast located in Egypt, about 22 kilometers north of Hurghada. Visitors can fly into the nearby Hurghada airport and reach the town in less than thirty minutes via taxi or bus. Conveniently situated, El Gouna is easily accessible to travelers and a fantastic location to visit. Show more

Is El Gouna a suitable kitesurfing spot for beginners?

Thanks to the waist-deep, crystal-clear, and almost flat waters of El Gouna's lagoon, kiteboarding beginners can take lessons or refine their skills in this beautiful spot. The prevailing wind blows parallel to the shore, providing ideal conditions to hone kite surfing techniques. There are many beginner courses and schools that offer lessons to visitors at every level who want to learn or improve their kiteboarding abilities. Show more

How far is the Hurghada airport from El Gouna?

The Hurghada airport is less than thirty minutes away from El Gouna by taxi or bus. Visitors can quickly access these options available at the airport and reach their location swiftly. Additionally, booking a private car in advance through the airport transfers service is another safe and reliable option for those who want a comfortable, hassle-free ride to their destination. Show more

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