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Sandboarding in Egypt

The rolling sands of Egypt’s great sand sea is home to some of the best sandboarding in the world

Best time: December–March

Check out the giant dunes of the great sand sea near Siwa. Travel into the desert for what is thought to be the best dune surfing location in the world with seriously smooth and steep dunes reaching heights of 140 meters, and if that’s not enough there are breathtaking views of the desert landscape as you glide. The dunes are of all shapes and sizes so everyone will find the perfect dune for their surfing experience. Egyptian dunes for sandboarding include not only the great sand sea near Siwa but also the Western Desert in Qattaniya, El Safra, and Hadudah dunes midway between Dahab and St. Catherine in Sinai. Wherever you are engaged in sand boarding, you are guaranteed satisfaction everywhere. Seize the services of a professional guide and head out on a desert adventure during the winter months to discover the towering slopes of dunes!

Practical info

When is the ideal time for sandboarding in Egypt?

Sandboarding enthusiasts should plan their visit to Egypt between December and March, as the weather is cooler and windier, creating favorable sandboarding conditions. It is wise to consult weather forecasts since weather conditions can change unexpectedly. This is essential to have the best sandboarding experience without any hindrances. Show more

What are the top sandboarding locations in Egypt?

Egypt is blessed with many great sandboarding locations. The highest dunes are found in the great sand sea of Siwa. Other notable locations include Hadudah dunes between Dahab and St. Catherine in Sinai, Qattaniya and El Safra in the Western Desert. These distinct locations offer a wide range of sandboarding experiences suitable for all levels of expertise. To ensure safety and get the most out of the experience, hiring a professional guide is advisable. Show more

What is the altitude range of the sand dunes in Egypt?

The sand dunes in Egypt come in different shapes and heights. The great sand sea located near Siwa boasts of some of the highest dunes which reach up to 140 meters in height. Other locations such as the Western Desert in Qattaniya, El Safra, and Hadudah dunes are smaller but still provide excellent sandboarding experiences. The variety in the landscape ensures that visitors can have a thrilling sandboarding time irrespective of their level of expertise. Show more

How do I engage a certified guide for my sandboarding adventure?

Visitors going to Egypt for sandboarding should consult travel companies and tour guides that specialize in desert safaris to engage professional guides. It is crucial to hire a licensed guide who knows the desert's terrain well, ensuring your safety while sandboarding. Reading reviews and considering other visitors' recommendations can help you choose the best guide for a memorable sandboarding experience. Show more

What precautions should I take before sandboarding in Egypt?

As sandboarding is an extreme sport, safety is vital. It's prudent to put on appropriate clothing and shoes as falls can occur. Furthermore, bring enough water to stay hydrated throughout the trip as the desert air can be dry. Engaging a professional guide is also beneficial since they can provide safety equipment and ensure your safety during the experience. By adhering to safety guidelines, visitors can have an unforgettable, safe sandboarding experience in Egypt. Show more

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