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Sandboarding in Egypt

The rolling sands of Egypt’s great sand sea is home to some of the best sandboarding in the world

Check out the giant dunes of the great sand sea near Siwa. Travel into the desert for what is thought to be the best dune surfing location in the world with seriously smooth and steep dunes reaching heights of 140 meters, and if that’s not enough there are breathtaking views of the desert landscape as you glide. The dunes are of all shapes and sizes so everyone will find the perfect dune for their surfing experience. Egyptian dunes for sandboarding include not only the great sand sea near Siwa but also the Western Desert in Qattaniya, El Safra, and Hadudah dunes midway between Dahab and St. Catherine in Sinai. Wherever you are engaged in sand boarding, you are guaranteed satisfaction everywhere. Seize the services of a professional guide and head out on a desert adventure during the winter months to discover the towering slopes of dunes!

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