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Windsurfing in Dahab

The famous windsurfing Mecca of the Red Sea


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Dahab is the only location in the world with such a diversity of conditions favouring windsurfing. Here you will find everything you need for your perfect holiday with 300 windy days a year, 2 windsurfing centres, 3 windsurfing areas, the latest equipment, professional courses, and helpful staff for unlimited action on the water. Dahab's lagoon is perfect for beginners to learn. Due to the fact that this area lies in the wind tunnel of the Aqaba gulf, there is a strong wind all year round which can't be said about other areas of the Red Sea. Perfect for both for beginners and advanced surfers is Old Dahab (Masbat) with its Lagoon of Dahab-City.

As to the weather and wind, March–October have up to 28 steady wind days with more than 4 hours of sailing wind, especially before noon. The strongest wind blows during the winter season, but it comes in waves 4/7 (4 windy days, then 3 days no wind).

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