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Windsurfing in Japan

Japan offers some great windy places perfect for this sport


The Japanese adore windsurfing and there are quite a few great locations for it! The most famous spot is the Shonan area due to its high winds. If you are in Tokyo, you can check out the beaches of Kamakura just 50 km from the city. Another picturesque spot is lake Motusu located at the foot of Mount Fuji.

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What is the ideal time of the year for windsurfing in Japan?

Windsurfing in Japan is best enjoyed between April and October. This period sees the strongest winds, particularly along the coastlines. Moreover, the water is warm and comfortable for most people during this time of the year. Show more

Which beaches in Tokyo offer windsurfing?

Kamakura's beaches are where you'll want to go windsurfing if you're in Tokyo. It's only 50 km away from Tokyo, and easily reachable by train. Both beginner and advanced windsurfers can enjoy the beaches there, as they offer spectacular views of Mount Fiji in the distance. Show more

What is the peak season for windsurfing in Shonan?

June to September is the peak season for windsurfing in Shonan, when the region's winds are at their strongest. This time of year draws windsurfers from across the country, and the beaches can get crowded. Nevertheless, Shonan has good winds that are worth experiencing outside of peak season, although with fewer crowds. Show more

What are the ideal winds for windsurfing in Lake Motusu?

Lake Motusu, which is at the base of Mount Fuji, is an excellent place for windsurfing. For the best windsurfing experience at the lake, you'll want the katabatic winds. Cold, dense and fast-moving down the sides of mountains and hills, these winds are usually steady and strong, providing the optimal windsurfing conditions. Show more

Are there any windsurfing competitions organized in Japan?

The Japan Windsurfing Association holds the Windsurfing Cup Japan every year, usually around September or October. This event attracts professional windsurfers from all over the world. Shonan and Kamakura are among the locations where other local windsurfing competitions are held. Show more

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