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Phuket is Thailand's Mecca for kiteboarders with two major seasons

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The seasons for kiteboarding in Phuket correspond closely to the high and low seasons. However, when planning your trip, you may want to keep in mind that during the low season kiteboarding is best due to the good winds and only a few downpours, while the high seasons offers very calm waters and extreme heat, which may be difficult to endure especially in an overcrowded spot. Our recommendation would be to aim for the low season, which apart from the appropriate weather conditions offers lower prices and fewer tourists around.

April–October is the south-west wind season so most kiteboarding centers open up in the northern part of Phuket. One of the most popular spots is Nai Yang Beach, quite close to the airport.

During November–March the winds blow from the north-east, and this is the best time to kiteboard around the Chalong Bay. It's the best season to kitesurf on the south coast of Phuket in places like Rawai Beach or Nai Harn Beach.

Kiteboarding equipment on Phuket

Equipment rentals and instructors are available from Kite School Phuket on Nai Yang Beach or along Chalong Bay (Rawai). Kiteboarding in Asia (KBA) can be found on both Rawai and Nai Yang beaches. You can also book equipment hire and instructor through their website.

Practical info

When is the best time to engage in kiteboarding activities in Phuket?

The ideal time to participate in kiteboarding activities in Phuket is during the south-west wind season from April to October or north-east wind season from November to March. Regardless of the season, kiteboarders can enjoy excellent wind conditions, although the low season is the best option due to cost-effective prices and fewer tourists. While windy weather is prevalent during the low season, travelers have to tolerate a few downpours with good weather conditions overall. Show more

Which kiteboarding areas are the most recommended in Phuket?

Kiteboarding in Phuket depends on the wind season. Nai Yang Beach is famous when the southwest wind season occurs, falling between April to October. Contrarily, when the northeast wind season prevails (November to March), Chalong Bay, Rawai Beach, or Nai Harn Beach (south of Phuket) provide suitable spots. Seeking out appropriate equipment and instructors is possible by engaging Kite School Phuket found on Nai Yang Beach, Chalong Bay (Rawai), or via contacts with Kiteboarding in Asia (KBA) available on Rawai and Nai Yang beaches. Show more

What are the primary differences between the high and low seasons in Phuket?

In regards to the distinctions between high and low seasons, Phuket has calm waters coupled with extreme heat during the high season. During the low season, the environment is optimal for kiteboarding activities because of the favorable weather conditions and fewer tourists. Unlike the high season, the low season is affordable and has the best wind conditions suitable for kiteboarders. Show more

Are there rental facilities and schools that offer kiteboarding lessons in Phuket?

Yes, you can find kiteboarding rental facilities and schools in Phuket. Among the options are Kite School Phuket available on Nai Yang Beach or Chalong Bay (Rawai), while Kiteboarding in Asia (KBA) operates on Rawai and Nai Yang beaches. Customers can engage skilled professionals, quality equipment, and safety gear suitable for all skill levels at reasonable prices by booking courses and equipment rentals at these schools. Show more

What is the usual price range for leasing and courses offered in Phuket?

The cost of leasing kiteboarding apparatus and classes in Phuket relies on the location and school offering the services. Typically, you can rent kiteboarding gear for 1,000 to 2,000 baht (32 to 65 USD) that is inclusive of the board, kite, harness, and helmet per day. Private six-hour beginner courses over two days cost about 8,000 baht (260 USD) and include safety gear, top-quality equipment, and private instruction. These prices could vary depending on different factors, including location, quality of equipment, package offered, and demand. Show more

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