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Makha Bucha Day 2021

One of the holiest days for Buddhists, celebrates the day when 1250 disciples of Buddha gathered for his preaching. The holiday includes one of the most spectacular ceremonies in Buddhism


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The Makha Bucha Day, also known as Maka Puja, celebrates Buddha's preaching and includes the most interesting and stunning ceremony called "Wian Tian", which means circle and candle literally. People congregate around the main temple in the town and start walking around it holding lit candles. A truly remarkable atmosphere of the holiday can make anyone a Buddhist!

In Bangkok, visitors can observe the Makha Bucha processions at Golden Mount Temple or Tempo Dorado, with an impressive gold chedi towering over Old Town. Another procession is held at the Marble Temple or Wat Benjamabopit in the Dusit District of Bangkok.

A massive lantern ceremony and procession takes place every year at the Wat Phra Dhammakaya temple in Pathum Thani, located just a few hours north of Bangkok. This holiday is dedicated to the day when Shanga disciples were ordained by Buddha after they spontaneously came to see him. So in many temples, monks give blessings to people sprinkling them with water mixed with Thai perfume. Bucha Day is also marked with street fairs and festivities in many villages.

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